5 easy ways to save money using vehicle management software

5 easy ways to save money using vehicle management software

We know 2020 was a difficult year, full of unprecedented events and characterized by economic uncertainty. Almost all businesses were affected by that set of circumstances. And, as you can understand, businesses that include fleets in their operations are not an exception. So, why do we need Fleet Management software?

In times like these, fleet managers and owners strive to make the most out of their fleets. That is, while keeping expenses to the minimum. This is not an easy task; fleet operations consist of a large number of elements and can be affected by lots of different factors. 

A Fleet management service, on the other hand, is created for that particular reason; to help fleet managers and fleet owners keep track of all those details, enhance fleet performance and minimize expenses. In this article we’ve gathered some information regarding how vehicle management software can save you some well earned money. This information is based on data from our very own vehicle management platform, Veturilo.   

So here’s how we’ve found vehicle management software can help you save money, so far:

5 ways vehicle management software saves money

1. More effective trips

Most vehicle management software will be able to provide you with information about the location and trips of your fleet vehicles. Given that, you will be able to better assess the routes each vehicle followed. Not to mention, the time needed to get to their destination(s). Thus, you can start optimizing, making the routes and trips more efficient. This will result in the timely arrival of your vehicles at their destinations; and, perhaps, shorter trips or fewer work hours for your drivers, even. 

2. Fuel expenses

Our service does provide our users the chance to check the fuel levels for each one of their fleet vehicles, at all times. By keeping track of fuel levels, in combination with route optimization, fleet owners and fleet managers can optimize fuel expenses; and see a big difference at the end of the month. This can also help them cope with a very common type of  fraud, fuel theft; and end it, once and for all.  

3. Driver behavior optimization

Perhaps it’s one of the most important features in vehicle management software. First of all you get a complete picture of how your drivers treat your vehicles ; and, as a result, you can act accordingly, preventing accidents and other bad driving-related vehicle problems. You’ll also be able to ensure that your drivers observe all speed regulations. Finally, in case you allow your drivers to take fleet vehicles back home, for convenience, you’ll also be able to know if — and when — they used them outside of their work hours; saving some money on that front, as well.

4. Repairs and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

Another feature that has proved very useful, so far, is getting alerts when the vehicle’s diagnostic system identifies a fault. Veturilo does this through the OBDII device that is installed on the vehicle. So, if anything seems to be wrong with your vehicle’s mechanical status, you will know it in no time; by getting an alert, you’ll be able to schedule a repair or a standard maintenance, as soon as possible. That is, before the damage gets any worse and costs more to fix. 

By servicing and repairing your vehicle on time, except for saving money, you can increase your vehicle’s resale value. That’s, in case you need to replace them, at some point.   

5. Mileage report

A mileage report can have multiple uses. Besides using it just to keep track of your mileage, you can submit it to the IRS; to deduct expenses from your taxes. Veturilo’s mileage report is formatted according to IRS standards. If you need it, it can be created automatically, and sent to your accountant. So, no further actions are needed beyond that.  

Make no mistake though; there are different ways to deduct expenses from your taxes. If you’re not familiar with the processes, you may want to have a look at our comprehensive guide.

That’s it, then! Fleet management software to the rescue

We hope we gave you some ideas on how vehicle management software can save you some money. Besides saving money, vehicle management software can even more importantly help you operate your fleet more efficiently; and be more productive. 
If you’d like to find out more about Veturilo, our vehicle management software, you can peak at how Veturilo works. Or, better yet, test our software platform for yourself, going through our demo. All you have to do is register, for free!

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