A vehicle management platform for small-medium sized fleets

A vehicle management platform for small-medium sized fleets

To manage a fleet of vehicles is easier said than done, especially when it comes to a small-medium sized fleet; where, more often than not, the fleet manager juggles a heap of tasks to streamline fleet operations. In this case, a vehicle management platform enters the picture as the most fitting solution. One that allows fleet managers to monitor and assess vehicles and drivers at any time, from a central, integrated system.

Hence, in this article, we’re going to explore the potential of such a tool; and, how a fleet manager can use it to optimize fleet performance, and increase efficiency.

A vehicle management system to rely on

Without a doubt, the most important goal of fleet managers is to reduce business costs and increase the bottom-line. To achieve this, they need a vigorous management system they can rely on; that is to say, a vehicle management platform to help them effectively monitor fleet assets, improve productivity, and eliminate downtime. 

How small-medium sized fleets can benefit from a vehicle management platform?

There are a good many benefits from the use of a vehicle management platform in the fleet’s daily tasks. The first one fleet managers notice, and greatly enjoy, is that it makes their frontline responsibilities easier to handle. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy having everything under control?

However, this is far from the only advantage a vehicle management platform has to offer. To elaborate, a few top perks of using vehicle management software for small-medium fleets include:

Fleet management hacks for fleet managers

Based on the benefits we’ve just touched upon, here are some hacks that a fleet manager can immediately implement, once the vehicle management platform is up and running:

1. Automating fleet operations

The modern fleet manager can employ a vehicle management platform to automate most fleet operations, at no time. The fleet data generated through such software will help run the fleet at a lower cost; and, eventually, boost the profitability of the business. In other words, automating the daily workflow will help improve fleet performance, vehicle health, driver productivity, and overall fleet efficiency.

2. Understanding fleet’s costs

A vehicle management platform collates all critical data to calculate fleet costs, helping a fleet manager gain clarity on the business’ ROI. Knowing the bottom line of a small-medium sized fleet business will provide a head start towards overall business efficiency. How? Simply by taking actions to cut down unnecessary costs, and find practical solutions to streamline fleet operations.

3. Ensuring fleet health

Having vehicle management software in place, a fleet manager can rest assured that vehicles are running at optimum efficiency. In addition, making the most of vehicle diagnostics and real-time alerts, one can identify and promptly rectify issues; well before any vehicle gets sidelined for repairs. As a result, the fleet stays robust and productive, and the fleet manager has time to focus on more important things.

4. Keeping fleet drivers safe

It goes without saying, distracted or aggressive drivers are a fleet company’s Achilles’ heel. In any case, a vehicle management system will help a fleet manager monitor and identify unsafe driving patterns, on the spot. In turn, the manager can address them, before they take a toll on the company. Fortunately, there are many ways to correct these conducts; there’s internal coaching or state-certified defensive driving programs, even driver contests, incentives, and rewards.

Veturilo: A vehicle management platform to stay above the curve

Getting the best out of a vehicle management platform, like Veturilo, you’ll soon discover what was missing from your management all along. Amidst all the tasks you juggle daily, Veturilo is here to lend a helping hand, taking on complex, time-consuming processes; and, ultimately, streamlining your fleet business operations.

Veturilo offers an opportunity to stay above the curve regarding vehicle management; from tracking driver behavior, driver performance and fuel usage to vehicle status and maintenance needs — all in real-time. Make a big difference in your small-medium sized fleet; request a demo today!

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