Check your vehicle engine temperature from your smartphone

Check your vehicle engine temperature from your smartphone

You can do just about anything from your smartphone these days. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to know you can also check your vehicle engine temperature.

Temperature, just as in us humble humans, is pretty important where vehicles are concerned. If it’s too high, you can be pretty sure that your car, truck or other vehicle is going to be very sick, very soon. And if it’s too low, then again, something is definitely not right.

The thing is that, unlike us humans, you can’t just pump or pour some meds on the problem to solve it. Nope, you’ll probably need a visit to the auto repair shop, after you’ve tried to get the issue diagnosed through your vehicle management solution which has a diagnostics app or tool.

Why take your vehicle engine temperature?

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, there are some car warning lights that you should never ignore. And the temperature gauge and light is definitely one of them. And if you have a vehicle management solution like our very own Veturilo for example, which is designed especially for small to medium-sized businesses, you can always remain one-step ahead.

With the diagnostics functions and status indicators, you can check a variety of issues that may come up; one of them being the vehicle engine temperature. There are several scenarios whereby your vehicle engine temperature may go up. Perhaps the vehicle has an issue that has not yet been diagnosed. Maybe the light was on for a long period and was either ignored by the driver(s) or went unnoticed.

Either way, you should always have checking the vehicle engine temperature a top priority. Why?

First off, an increase in your vehicle(s) engine temperature can affect your business in many ways – all of them negative! For example any malfunctions may mean you have to withdraw your vehicles for a specific period of time. This may cause delays in your services; and of course extra costs in terms of rescheduling other vehicles to take its please, repair costs, etc

What can you do about it?

As we mention above, you can check your vehicle engine temperature with your vehicle management solution; like with Veturilo for example. How? You can set up your notifications and alerts so that you are immediately informed once the temperature exceeds nominal levels. Also, you have the information on every vehicle in your fleet at your fingertips; so, as a preventative measure, you are in a position to inspect all of your vehicles engine temperatures at any moment, right from your smartphone.

Check, check, and check again

The moral of the story here is pretty simple, then. Just like us humans have the good old thermometer as our tool in our hands to check the temperature of a potentially sick, or already sick loved one, you can have the same kind of tool for your fleet of vehicles. And like you do when you think someone may be coming down with something, you keep checking in a regular intervals to make sure the temperature is stable. In order to avoid the extra costs that come with a failure to check a potential issue. So, check, check and check again!

While, at Veturilo, we’re doing our best to bring you the best features, functions such as the engine temperature may not be available on all vehicles. Especially if they were manufactured before 1996. And, of course, depending on the type of the vehicle, you may only be able to use an OBD II device that doesn’t read the engine temperature. If in doubt, drop us a line (or a support ticket, rather)!

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