Easy fleet vehicle tracking with Veturilo – get ready to try our demo!

Easy fleet vehicle tracking with Veturilo

Looking for an easy but effective way to monitor your vehicles? Or wondering if you need a fleet vehicle tracking service but want some hands-on experience to decide. Enter Veturilo – our demo version is coming soon.

If you are not a regular reader of this blog you may be wondering what Veturilo is. Well, basically, it’s very much like a vehicle diagnostic app, but with a big difference. It’s a vehicle management app that helps you monitor all of your vehicles through your mobile. It’s easy to install and operate. All you need is our app on your Android smartphone or your iPhone/iPad, and an OBDII device installed on each of your vehicles.

Veturilo: simple fleet vehicle tracking

For those who need a comprehensive set of essential features and characteristics in order to keep an eye on their fleet, there’s no doubt that Veturilo is for you. It truly has everything you will ever need from a vehicle tracking device.

So how do you get started with our demo? Easy.

Download, subscribe and start playing around

You don’t need to install a device in one of your cars and follow the whole procedure right from the start to see if Veturilo suits your needs. By using our demo, you’ll be able to see in practice right away how Veturilo works, and then take your decision wisely. In our teaser demo, we provide you with access to a demo account with dummy data so that you are able to see Veturilo as if you already have it installed in your vehicle.

What you get

So what do you get when you sign up to Veturilo. It comes with the following basic features that make your vehicle management a piece of cake. Not just that, it offers so many ways to help your business.

  • Location on map
  • Diagnostic alerts and notifications
  • Battery and fuel levels indication
  • Log of your trips (business or personal)
  • Towing alerts
  • Harsh driving behavior warnings

Win-win for you and your drivers

The best part about Veturilo is not simply the easy set up and comprehensive features. It’s something much bigger. It’s the fact that it’s a fleet vehicle tracking solution that offers an everybody wins situation. How? You save money and are more efficient as a fleet manager, while your drivers will also feel safer and more in the know. You can:

  • Assign drivers to specific vehicles
  • Export log trips and share with your accountant to reduce deductible expenses.
  • Keep an eye on your drivers and be ready to act on time if needed in cases of emergency
  • Handle shift management more effectively.

Coming soon

So, when is this good stuff – i.e. the demo – coming? Our demo version will soon be available for you to download and trial, for free. So stay tuned here for more details next week.

As we’ve previously I mentioned, Veturilo’s creation is our response to what we call the “in-car software and the app store ecosystem 2.0”. The connected cars revolution is in fact already here, and the future of fleet vehicle tracking is too.


You can now view our demo using our mobile apps, or our web app. You only need to register for free, and you’re ready to go!

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