Fleet Detailing: What it is and how to do it

Fleet Detailing: What it is and how to do it

A company’s fleet is like a store’s showcase. Ιt shows customers who you are and what you do. And if you had a commercial shop front, you’d want your showcase to be clean, tidy and good looking; making it attractive for your customers. Fleet detailing is the way to go about it, if you’re running a fleet.

As you must have deduced by now, keeping your fleet in a good condition is crucial. Especially if your service involves transportation of people. Depending on the importance of it to your status, oftentimes, you may have to take the extra mile and get your fleet vehicles detailed. That raises the question: what options do you have in keeping your fleet clean? What potential benefits could you reap from each different cleaning method, like fleet detailing?

Vehicle Hygiene

Ensuring your fleet’s good hygiene is up to par, may be more than necessary. Especially during the current period where a pandemic has us all stressed out about our well being. COVID-19 is mainly transmitted from person to person. However, it is also possible for someone to contract the virus by touching a contaminated surface. More so, if they touch their mouth, eyes, or nose. So, make sure you have the chance to get your vehicles sanitized as often as possible. And, more importantly, make sure your drivers and staff take all the necessary precautions; especially when in contact with customers or with each other. And that’s best done with fleet detailing.

Vehicle Cleaning vs Detailing: What’s the difference?

It’s easy to mix things up and use the two terms interchangeably. The truth is, they are entirely different processes.

Fleet cleaning

A car cleaning service will just wash your car inside and out; they may even add a basic cleanup of your engine bay. But, auto detailing doesn’t stop at cleaning your vehicle. It also involves reconditioning any part that needs it, if necessary. The process includes applying some light cosmetic fixes if needed. And it’s great, especially if you’re running a last mile delivery fleet. Interior parts tend to get a bit banged up, occasionally. But what is so special about fleet detailing? What does it involve and how is it better?

Fleet detailing

Auto or car detailing – or fleet detailing – can be classified into two main categories: exterior detailing and interior detailing.  

Exterior detailing

Exterior detailing involves taking care of parts of the car such as tires, wheels, windows. It also involves de-greasing, decontaminating and revitalizing visible elements, such as the paint job.

Interior detailing

Interior detailing emphasizes in cleaning every part of the inside of the vehicle. Speak of which, besides vacuuming, it includes deep cleaning leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber and natural fiber parts.

Detailing is more specialized

That said, while a car wash or interior cleaning service can still clean the inside of your car, interior detailing uses different cleaning techniques; and different cleaning material. These are specialized for each vehicle part; and do a far better job at decontaminating and preserving all kinds of hard to clean surfaces, such as the seats and carpets.

Is it easy? Is it affordable?

In general, although a full car detail cost may set you back a bit more than conventional cleaning, it will still be affordable; unless you need extreme car detailing. This is especially more frequent in areas that are close to the ocean; or have extended periods of cold weather with snow. The cost of the process depends on the type and condition of your vehicles. The results however are better and usually last a lot longer. That’s depending on how you treat and preserve your vehicle, of course.

Consider asking for a quote from your local fleet detailing or vehicle detailing service. They should be able to fill you in with the most intricate details of the process.

Where to detail my car: shop or mobile detailing?

If, by now, you have decided on getting your vehicles detailed, rest assured; you can do it both at a local shop or at your own location. On-location auto detailing may be slightly more expensive, but it might prove much more convenient for you. Especially if you have a fleet of more than two vehicles. That way may be more preferable. You will not waste any time having your drivers get the vehicles to the shop and wait until it’s done. Keep in mind, it might take more than a couple of hours. Another advantage of doing it on-location is that you have the chance to supervise the whole process, first hand.

Benefits of car detailing

Apart from cleaner and better looking, you might reap many more benefits by having your fleet detailed.

  • Vehicles will be protected against defilement and rust, if you opt for a finish with a wax coat.
  • If your vehicle detail involves cleaning the engine bay, you will get cooler and smoother engine operation.
  • If vehicles are cared for and preserved to a good (or, even better, pristine) condition, their life cycle will be extended.
  • When you decide its time for some fleet replacement and need to sell some of your vehicles, their resale value will be higher. That is, higher than it would be, had you not taken good care of them.

Veturilo adds value to your vehicles

Although Veturilo cannot detail your fleet, it can contribute towards maintaining a vehicle’s resale value, in several ways. First of all, it enables you to monitor your drivers’ behavior. With it, you can work towards minimizing exterior damage, such as scratches. But you may also prevent more serious accidents. In addition, you are able to always know when the driver is using his/her assigned vehicle. If they use it outside the business hours or for personal purposes, you will be notified. You will be able to handle the situation and avoid unnecessary wear and tear due to unwarranted trips.

What will it be, then?

Say, you do decide to detail your fleet at your local shop instead of your own premises. Using Veturilo, you will be able to find out how long it took for the detailing process to be done; and for the vehicle to get back on the road.

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