Fleet management in construction management & how to use it

Fleet management in construction management & how to use it

Construction is a vast business that has rapidly evolved during the last years. Since it’s involves so many different elements, it’s crucial to control all of them; and manage them efficiently, in order to produce the desired outcome. This is why roles, such as that of architects, engineers, project managers and contractors have appeared in the construction industry; to ensure better control of the project. Cue construction management.

Construction management and fleets

Among the areas of construction management, there is the logistics department. They are responsible for gathering, organizing and transporting all of the necessary construction materials needed. As you can understand, in order for that to occur, lots of different types of vehicles may be required.    

But, how can you coordinate those vehicles together efficiently? This is where construction management and vehicle management find their point of contact. In fact, vehicle management plays an extremely important role in construction management. That is, as it immediately affects the project’s schedule and delivery timeline.   

Benefits of vehicle management in construction management 

Fleet management usually uses some sort of tracking device, installed in the vehicles of a fleet. Some construction-related vehicles that could feature such a device are trucks, heavy duty vehicles, shipping containers and construction machinery. 

By using a vehicle management service, you can have several benefits in construction management. For example you get instant access to the fleet’s location, status of the vehicles and driver behavior. You’ll also be able check the mechanical status of the vehicles; and see if any of them have diagnosed a problem. These benefits, of course, vary and depend on the features that each vehicle management service offers.

If you’ve invested — or considering investing — in a vehicle management service, you can use it to improve your construction management:

Location and trip log

By checking vehicle locations and trips, you can assess the work done within a period of time, answering questions like: 

  • Did the drivers make all the trips on time? 
  • Were there any delays in the delivery of the materials or the service? 

You’ll have the answer to these questions on your screen. In virtually no time, you’ll be able to find out how productive your fleet is. Moreover, by having such data readily available, you get the opportunity to increase the productivity of your fleet. For example, by rewarding the drivers who perform well.

Driver behavior

The way your fleet vehicles are treated is really important. Safe driving is a matter of safety and responsibility towards other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. 

Additionally, driver behavior greatly affects the condition and health of a vehicle. So, find out how your drivers treat your vehicles. You won’t only be able to ensure that drivers comply with all the safety regulations; you’ll also save money on vehicle repairs due to bad driving behavior. 

DTC codes and vehicle maintenance

DTC codes (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) are codes that identify issues, using on your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system. These codes can be used to alert you in case there is some sort of malfunction. There are different codes for each problem or malfunction that occurs. 

Using a vehicle management service like that, will enable you to receive alerts, as soon as a vehicle logs a DTC; so, you’ll be able to dispatch a vehicle back to the shop for repairs, before the damage gets worse. This will save you money, as the more severe the damage, the more you’ll have to spend for the repair. 

Summing it up

The construction business has evolved, increasing in complexity and involving more and more elements. A vehicle management service could really help in organizing your fleets; and ensuring that the work is done, the right way. Veturilo is a solution that is compatible with small and medium sized, light duty vehicles; making it ideal for professional fleets, such as contractor fleets. Why not have a look at how our service works?

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