Step 1: fit all of the vehicles in your fleet with a fleet management device.

Step 2: set up your fleet schedule and cruise control your way to a smooth-running business.

If the above sounds all too easy don’t be afraid. It actually is as easy as pie. You just need to take that first step and chose the right fleet management solution which suits the needs of your business. That’s the hard part.

Once you’ve done that, your fleet schedule just needs to be set up – again, exactly how you want it – and you’ll be the happiest fleet manager or business owner in town. Because once you have all of your fleet equipped with a vehicle app, then you can streamline your everyday operations to the max.

Your fleet schedule: the key to smooth operations

So, how can the way you manage your fleet schedule help you boost efficiency and save on costs? Try a few of these examples below for size:

Keep an eye on routes driven (past events)

It’s vital for your company to keep a history/log of all the trips and routes your vehicles have covered. Why? Well, in fleet management, that’s the core of your business. Isn’t it valuable to have all of this data, along with additional info such as stops, driving behaviors etc. recorded for you to refer to when needed? The use cases are endless. From correcting mistakes and being proactive with potential problems, delays and vehicle maintenance, it’s win-win for everyone. Especially your customers, who need your services at the exact time that they want to use them.

Monitor your vehicles’ departures and arrivals

Coordination is everything. With a fleet management app handling your fleet schedule, you’re able to know when exactly one of your vehicles started its route. For example, when you need to inform one of your customers that you may be running late, or rearrange another time. Or, you might want to know if all of your vehicles got back to HQ and are safely parked. There may be a need for one of your vehicle’s arrival to sync with another’s departure.

Proactively adapt your fleet’s schedule

Another way in which a fleet management app helps you efficiently manage your fleet schedule is if one of your vehicles, for an unexpected reason, runs behind schedule, you’re able to know it in advance. You don’t have to wait for one of your drivers to inform you, or even worse, to be notified by one of your customers. You can reroute your vehicles at any time if needed. Thus, you will always be able to find an alternative option up your sleeve. For example, you can arrange to send another available vehicle to a specific customer to cover the absence/lateness of another.

Next stop, efficiencyville

The above are just a few ways in which a fleet management app like our very own Veturilo can help to manage your fleet schedule more efficiently. We hope you find them useful in your quest for ultimate efficiency.

We may have actually missed a few. We are human, after all. So if we have, feel free to get in touch with us and tell us your secrets to fleet management success. We’d love to hear from you!

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