Why you need a fuel mileage tracker for your fleet business

Fuel mileage tracker

There are several reasons why you need a fuel mileage tracker for your fleet business. Yes, it’s not the only feature you’ll want but it’s one of the most important. Why? The magic phrase, “cost savings” of course.

As part of any vehicle management solution worth it’s salt, there are several benefits and features that will be essential to your daily operations – such as key alerts and notifications – and your never-ending quest as a fleet manager to make cost savings.

And a fuel mileage tracker will reap plenty benefits for you on that front. In this post, we’re going to give you a quick run down on how to utilize a fuel mileage tracker with Veturilo.

Using fuel mileage tracker with Veturilo

Right then, without further ado, let’s have a look at the at-a-glance info the Veturilo fuel mileage tracker helps you with

How does it work?

We like easy and simple, so our fuel mileage tracker feature works, well, very easily, as you would imagine!


Imperial vs Metric. You can decide which you want to use in settings. So you just select the measurement you want and then get started. You can measure fuel mileage via the following:

  • Fuel economy units
  • Distance units

What can a fleet manager see on his/her phone screen?

On screen you will see fuel consumption per trip along with miles covered. Also, you’ll be able to see all of your vehicle’s trips per day, previous week, and previous month. This way, you can have a log of all of your statistics, as well as things worth noting down or flagging in order to use them for your benefit.

In terms of other fuel-related issues in general, you’ll also have access to the following info on your phone:

  • When one of your fleet vehicles is close to running out of fuel/gas, you’ll know it in advance as you’ll get the respective alerts on your phone.
  • Current fuel levels in case you just need to check a specific vehicle in your fleet as if you were in the driver’s seat.

So how does fuel mileage tracker benefits your business?

The benefits are plentiful as you may well gather from what we’ve discussed so far. Here is a short and sweet list of the key benefits:

Benefits on fuel management


Reduce your business’ fuel expenses. You’ll be able to use the statistics mentioned above for mileage deduction in cases where your drivers are also using their vehicles for personal use.


You can keep a much closer eye on your drivers’ behavior and how it affects fuel consumption. You’ll be able to see if, for the same repetitive routes, the same vehicle with a different driver consumes more fuel for example. And, you can combine this data with other data that Veturilo offers you. For example, aggressive driving (fast accelerations, hard braking, high RPMs etc.) affects fuel consumption adversely. Also, it helps you to track things that happen off the road, such as idling time.

Fleet maintenance

All of these are strongly linked to fleet maintenance. Cutting down on bad driving behaviors and ensuring fuel economy means that your fleet will be maintained better. Meaning? That’s right, less trips to the auto repair shop and general maintenance costs.

Environmental issues

If you care about environment, and we sincerely hope that you do, then you’ll probably want your business to be as green as it can be. Even beyond the legal rules and regulation requirements of the country you are operating in. And there are many ways which you can do that, starting with fuel consumption as your first port of call.

To track is to save

A fuel mileage tracker, then, is an essential part of any solid vehicle management solution. As you can see, it helps you in so many ways as a fleet manager as you try to streamline costs.

Why not give Veturilo a try today, and check out the fuel mileage tracker features for yourself? Contact us today to see how you can get started.

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