How to prevent car accidents: Tips and Tricks

How to prevent car accidents: Tips and Tricks

As much as autos help us and make our lives easier, accidents are one of the main death causes, all over the world. We need to minimize or prevent car accidents and related deaths and injuries. To that end, all drivers must be cautious and respect driving laws and regulations, other drivers and pedestrians.

Especially professional drivers, who are often in a hurry, must not be carried away and drive irresponsibly. In this article, we’ll try and put together a list of tips you can adopt — for yourself or for your professional drivers — if you are a fleet owner/manager. We believe these will help you and your fleet drivers drive more safely and avoid or prevent car accidents. 

Safety above everything; prevent car accidents

You will need to establish a safety culture so it becomes clear to you — or whoever else is driving — that safety is the most fundamental principle of your business. It should always be made a priority, no matter the circumstances. It’s important that you and your drivers also know how to handle accidents, as the occasional happenstance. If you’re not entirely sure how, there are plenty of safe driving programs available for you to choose from. 

Such a program will leverage defensive driving, which prioritizes traits like paying attention to other drivers’ behavior and always staying alert. That’s in order to be able to anticipate any unexpected or irregular actions, while obeying to the driving laws. The good thing about defensive driving is that a lot of these courses are available online. These will work wonders if you need to prevent car accidents.

Maintenance is a key factor

Keeping your vehicle or fleet of vehicles in optimal condition is critical; not only to help prevent car accidents, but to ensure that in case they happen, the vehicle is in a good enough condition to keep the driver and passengers out of harm’s way. Besides servicing your vehicles on time, you need to perform regular checks, to find out if every part of the vehicle is in good condition. Every part of the vehicle matters; from the engine, to tires, to airbags and seat belts. Everything must be able to function properly. 

Pay attention to your drivers

Driving behavior plays a huge role in preventing car accidents. As mentioned, in some cases you will need to train your drivers to learn all about driving safely. But, how do you make sure they indeed drive appropriately? If you suspect that their driving behavior is not the best in the book, perhaps you should think about installing a vehicle management system on your vehicles. One that can give you valuable insights regarding their driving behavior. That way, not only will you find out how they drive, first hand; you can also reward them if they show improvement in their driving behavior. Or if they achieve the goals you’ve set for them, in advance. Don’t forget that one’s mood while driving plays a very important role when it comes to driving safely. So, by keeping them happy and motivated. It’s very likely that you will beat unsafe driving behaviors and achieve better results; especially if you want to help prevent car accidents.

Veturilo and fleet safety

When we created Veturilo, we took the most fundamental problems of fleet managers and drivers into consideration. And we tried, as best as we could, to make their lives easier; we still do. 

Specifically, through our app, you have access to basic vehicle health data, such as 

  • battery levels
  • fuel levels 
  • coolant temperature

Moreover, if your vehicle identifies a mechanical related issue you will instantly receive an alert about that and you won’t have to rely on your driver to tell you. You can also receive alerts about driver behavior data such as for any bouts of fast acceleration or hard braking. These out to give you a helping hand if you need to prevent car accidents.

On top of that, you can see exactly where a vehicle is on the map, so you can send some help — or get there yourself even — in case an accident or break-down occurs. 

Think such a service could help you solve some of your problems? Why not find out more about how it works? And feel free to try out our demo version. All you have to do is register, for free!

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