How to select the best vehicle management software for you

How to select the best vehicle management software for you

Fleet managers of today have many tasks to set in order, in their day-to-day responsibilities. Their “just another day in the office” is a cram-full of planning routes, managing drivers, tracking fuel consumption, scheduling maintenance; and, the list goes on. It goes without saying, this is a tall order for a team to handle, let alone one person. Hence, finding the best vehicle management software becomes a top priority for managers who need an immediate and smart solution. 

In this article, we’re going to investigate whether you need such software, a few key features to look out for; and, how to choose the best vehicle management platform for your fleet business.

​Do you need a vehicle management system?

To get straight to the point, if you can relate to the following statements, well then, chances are that you do. Read on to find out!

You need a practical fleet administration solution

Processing and keeping track of administrative tasks is hard, since they require constant attention and thorough organization; not to mention, a lot of hands-on work. With vehicle management software, shift scheduling, travel expenses management, mileage reports for the IRS, and keeping customers informed become simplified; even automated.

You need full visibility over fuel consumption

Fuel is a huge cost for most fleet companies, and, unfortunately, it’s also hard to tackle; since it’s directly linked with other fleet matters, such as routing, maintenance, and driving behavior. Good news is that even a slight increase in fuel efficiency can benefit your company’s bottom line; and the best fleet software can help you achieve it.

You need better maintenance management

The best vehicle management software offers the ability to set real-time alerts and notifications that can help you be proactive; that is, act before any of your vehicles start malfunctioning. Undoubtedly, this will help you optimize fleet maintenance — and keep its costs as low as possible.

You need to monitor driver behavior

By monitoring and analyzing driver behavior, you can get many valuable insights; which, you can turn into immediate actions to streamline your fleet operations. For instance, the software will inform you when a driver: 

  • Leaves the vehicle idling 
  • Uses more fuel than expected
  • Doesn’t follow the optimal route
  • Drives the car for personal use
  • Drives dangerously — cases of distracted or aggressive driving, even road rage

​What features should the best vehicle management software have?

A vehicle management software is comprehensive, intuitive, and can be invaluable for managers and their fleets. When going for the best vehicle management software, you should make sure that it offers everything your business needs. In any case, keep an eye out for the following:

  • GPS tracking.  To see where your mobile assets are at any given time.
  • Real-time alerts.  To receive alerts (speeding, accidents, engine problems, etc.) that will help you reduce costs, and improve driver behavior.
  • Trip log. To track mileage for deductible expenses, see your routes on the map, and get historical data per trip.
  • Reports. To generate analytics on fuel, mileage, vehicle performance, and more.
  • Unexpected eternal events. To act on time in case of undesirable events, such as towing, and accidents.
  • Driver monitoring. To keep track of distracted or aggressive driving, unnecessary idling, and ensure driver compliance and safety.

How to choose the best vehicle management software

Undoubtedly, it can be difficult to choose the best vehicle management software for your business’ needs. All things considered, a good vehicle management system should, at least, offer you the key features listed above. Additionally, it should be easy to use, offer a plethora of actionable data and, most of all, be safety-oriented. 

Easy to use

The best vehicle management software should be able to help you increase your fleet’s operational efficiency and save you time. Thus, the vehicle management software you choose should be easy to install and use. Moreover, it should be intuitive, and provide easy access to the information you need.

In the case of Veturilo, for instance — even though not the entire list of functions mentioned above are yet included — all you need to do is:

  1. download the Veturilo app, 
  2. install the OBD II devices to your vehicles, and 
  3. register to start using the platform. 

It really is a matter of a few minutes. 

Afterward, the data collected by Veturilo is presented in the platform’s easy-to-use dashboard where you can oversee fleet activity; for example, you can: 

  • check the location of your vehicles, 
  • track mileage, 
  • receive alerts and notifications, and 
  • assess driver performance through a set of behavioral indicators

Actionable data 

At the end of the day, it’s important to find a vehicle management system that can help you interpret the data it provides; and, of course, guide your actions towards fleet efficiency. Many Telematics systems in the market provide information about vehicle location, maintenance alerts, and fuel usage; however, Veturilo provides all the data you need, through its user-friendly user interface. In essence, you can view and sort your data in a centralized place, to gain visibility into your fleet operations.


Needless to say, safety should be every fleet company’s priority. For this reason, Veturilo provides you with tools to keep an eye on unsafe driving patterns; and, on top of that, streamline safety-related tasks. In a nutshell, Veturlilo will notify you of all available safety-related behaviors recorded per driver; as well as incidents that were a direct result of dangerous driving.

Veturilo: Your user-friendly vehicle management software

As your fleet business evolves and scales up, the need for best vehicle management software practices becomes imperative. Veturilo is designed — and continuously being developed — to assist you with every aspect of your fleet operations; and, offer a helping hand in building on your vehicle management strategy. Veturilo’s user-friendly and intuitive user interface is helping you keep your drivers compliant, and your fleet safe; while, at the same time, it helps you better understand your operational costs, and find ways to reduce them effectively. 

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