Everyday questions a vehicle management app can answer

Questions a vehicle management app can answer

It’s highly likely that, as a fleet manager or small-medium business owner, you opt for a vehicle management app in order to save costs and optimize efficiency for your vehicle expenses.

That is a very smart move in our book. There are lots of questions which need answers as you make your way on the highway to efficiency and cost-saving though, and we want to highlight the main ones in this post.

We’re talking about the kind of question which relate to your trips and are crucial for everyday transactions. Those that help you run your business better.

Questions your vehicle management app can answer

Why do you have a vehicle management app? Mainly, it’s so you are able to act on time and save valuable resources, such as money and indeed time. You eliminate frustration. You can help your drivers, who are on the road, solve unexpected issues. This is because you will be able to know everything that’s happening with all of your vehicles at any given time – and send help, if needed.

With a comprehensive vehicle management app you are also able to go through all of your previous trips of that day, week and month and analyse how you are performing versus specific KPI’s that you set.

So, what kind of questions can you answer with a vehicle management app such as our very own Veturilo? We have picked out the following:

Data: distance covered

For each one of your vehicles you can answer the following for per day/week/month:

  • Total number of trips,
  • total miles
  • and total hours

At your fingertips, in a nutshell you can answer the question of how much distance all of your vehicles have traveled, as well as per vehicle.

Trip details: not just how far, but when, how, where

There’s a lot of data available for you to answer lots of queries about the tips your vehicles are making. Such as:

  • Starting point & destination. Personal / Business – type of use for deductible miles, really important in the streamlining and cost-saving game.
  • How was my driver’s behavior during this trip?
  • How many instances of fast acceleration/sharp turn/hard braking did my driver cause during this trip?
  • At which points during that trip did these issues happened? (with timestamp)
  • As a result of answering the above questions, you can then plan on the behavioral improvements you can suggest to your drivers? (or train them on)
  • What is the total idling time (in minutes) for a particular trip? This is so you can make sure your driver doesn’t leave the engine on, especially when that route has many stops and adds on to my vehicle’s maintenance issues. Reducing idling time is key to optimizing and cost-saving.
  • When did driver X arrive at the destination? (so that I know whether my clients’ appointments are all on time and your drivers keep to the schedule).
  • Where is vehicle X right know? Is it parked?
  • How many hours has vehicle X been parked in my company’s garage?
  • Is everything alright with fuel and battery? Does vehicle X need refueling, since the next available gas station in the area is X miles away? What is the battery level on vehicle X (the one that had an issue last week)? Should I call the repair shop to schedule a visit, to replace it?
  • Did my driver follow my directions so that he’s now driving towards my client’s building/location? (you can tell by the vehicle indicator’s direction on the map that everything is OK)

Master the everyday

There you have it. Plenty of everyday questions which a goof vehicle management app can provide the answers to help you on your mission to efficiency. And at the end of the day, as a fleet manager, your role is simple: to make its operations as efficient as possible.

Having all the answers in the palm of your hand everywhere you go is what a comprehensive vehicle management app like Veturilo can provide. The above is just another example of how you can get the best out of the solution you choose.

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