Remote vehicle management done right, with Veturilo

Remote vehicle management done right

These days everyone needs to be able to work remotely. And as a fleet manager, you need to ensure your remote vehicle management game is on point.

Let’s face it, you can’t always be at the office when you are needed. There will be times when a crisis, or even the humdrum everyday incidents need your attention when you’re not around at your desk. That’s where your vehicle management solution comes into its own.

Well, it does if it has the right kinds of functionalities that you need to get the job done; or to handle a crisis.

Remote vehicle management, the Veturilo way

Now, of course we’re slightly biased, but we believe the functionalities we have with Veturilo, has you covered for every eventuality. That’s in terms of your remote vehicle management needs. And not only that, of course. With the Veturilo app installed on your mobile, you’re able to check the status on all of your vehicles at any time; and from anywhere. And of course you can also get notifications and alerts for a wide range of incidents.

You may also have different device which you use to do your jobs. This could mean switching from mobile to a tablet, and this means different needs. So, what do you get with Veturilo which helps your remote vehicle management? A lot, actually. After installing the necessary devices inside your fleet vehicles and the Veturilo app on all of your devices, you’re ready to manage your fleet from anywhere.

At your office — your daily routine

At the office you will probably have a bigger type of “mobile” device to monitor your fleet. Such as an iPad for example. While you work at your desktop or laptop on other duties you can constantly monitor everything that’s happening with your fleet via your iPad. With Veturilo you will be able to see the position of every vehicle, get alerts and notifications in case of any unexpected events and behaviors that you have set up.

When on the road

As we mentioned above, you won’t always be in the comfort of your office. Here’s where your remote vehicle management comes into play. You can guarantee that unexpected situations will crop up. And you have to take “your office” with you to run an errand or for a meeting, etc. Your cell phone, of course, is your precious tool. With the Veturilo app installed, you’ve got everything you need in the palm of your hand. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t keep your eyes on the road! Safe driving always please, people. 🙂 If you notice an alert, for example, you can find a safe place to stop and then consult your “data”. Then you can take the appropriate actions, before moving on.

When at home — always be updated

Although it can be a pain sometimes, there will be times when you have to take your work home with you. Especially if you are working for a small to medium-sized business. And definitely if you are the owner of the business in question.

But as well as taking some time out at the weekend, what’s better than having the option to use a small chunk of your free time as an opportunity to reorganize your schedule, and take a look at previous/pending tasks and plan ahead?

For example, let’s say that you want to review your trip logs; get a glimpse of how things went the previous day, week or month. Or you just want to examine some specific incidents that happened the previous weekmore carefully. Ones you didn’t have the time to check, while at work. There will be some times when some of your drivers may keep making the same mistakes or slip-ups. Or trying the same tricks to take advantage of your goodwill and your business. That is, they ignore your guidelines on designated routes, or they drive carelessly. And you just need some time to prepare how you’re going to handle it.

In such cases, you can have Veturilo installed in one of your devices, such as your tablet, and do all these minor jobs when at home or taking some time out. After all, you love your job and are always aiming to make some improvements and be more efficient to help your business. And this is another aspect of what remote vehicle management can offer.

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