Cases you might need an app to share car location

Share your car's location

Location, location location. It’s not just in real estate that this old adage is important. Take for example sharing where a vehicle is. Yes, an app to share car location is essential in the mobile world we live in.

Sharing, after all, is caring. Well, where connected cars and vehicles are concerned, it’s actually much more than that. Whether you are a truck driver or fleet manager, there are many reasons why having an app to share car location is important.

So let’s cut to the chase. Have a look at the use cases below and see for yourself.

Use cases for an app to share car location

First off, this post is mainly aimed at professional drivers and fleet operators out there. But don’t worry, for all of you serial road trippers off on another adventure, many of the below can apply to you too.

Shift changes

For fleet managers and their drivers, sharing the location of a car, truck or other vehicle is useful for practical reasons. The first one is for when shifts chance and a driver has to come to replace another driver. This scenario is also just as relevant if something has happened to the current driver, such as an injury or sickness, and you must get a driver to replace him on his/her shift. So, having an app to share car location is vital for the speedy changeover.


Heaven forbid that this happens but as we all know, you always have to be ready for when the time comes. And if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed in life it is that one day, your car or vehicle will let you down. But hey, there’s no need to be pessimistic. It rarely happens (hopefully) and more often than not, you will avoid the kind of situation Kurt Russell’s hapless character finds himself in. That’s in the movie of the same name, breakdown. Having an app to share car location here, will help you easily be able to send a tow truck to pick up your vehicle when there’s any kind of breakdown.


We’ve all been there. Running low on fuel and thinking (stupidly) that we know how far the next gas station is. Or that we know our vehicle so well we know exactly how long the fuel lasts when that little light comes on. As a fleet manager, you want to be able to handle these situations. And also get to your cars fast when help is needed. That’s why an app to share car location is essential.

Wait, where’s my car?

No, here you are not asking because you have forgotten where your car is parked. You’re not hallucinating from too much coffee, either. It’s much worse. Your car is not where you left it, because it’s been removed. Few feelings are worse than this surreal experience. But having an app to share car location comes in very handy indeed in this case. You can share this information with the police to help their investigations to recover it.


As you can see, an app to share car location is incredibly useful for fleet managers and drivers of any industry. It’s always good to be able to track your vehicles closely at any given time. Especially, since you never know when an emergency or need may arise to locate it. Veturilo can give you a helping hand!

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