Car care: 6 ways to show your car some love

Show your car some car care

How much do you love your car? Whether it’s your pride and joy, or simply your means of getting from A to B, I’m sure the answer is “a lot!”. Well, since Valentines Day is coming, we challenge you to prove it and show your car some love. Car care is the trick!

Yes you may laugh. Or maybe even say “It’s an inanimate object for Pete’s sake!”. But hear me out for a second. Because this post is not a romantic one. It’s more practical than you may think.

Your car is always there for you, right? Come rain, shine or snow (or worse), it’s dependable. It’s ready to take you wherever you want to go, with the turn of a key. So why haven’t you washed it for a month? Or checked the oil and water for weeks? Why haven’t you touched up those scratches, bumps and imperfections, which it seems to have collected? Car care is important!

What’s wrong, cat got your tongue? It’s OK, I am just as guilty as you in this. But it’s wrong. The only thing you are doing is adding to the rapid depreciation of your vehicle. Car care is the one thing that may help you greatly prevent depreciation.

Neglected cars lose their value faster than a new “up and coming cryptocurrency”, and the reason is simple. Minor damage to paintwork, bodywork, and/or alloy wheels here and there start to affect what your vehicle is worth. Add to this the risk of rust and poor driving behaviors which affect the wear and tear and you see where this is going. It’s just poor car care.

So what’s the answer? As I said at the start, show your car some love!

How car care helps you show your car some love

Start with some TLC on the inside

Real beauty is on the inside, right? So, make sure you clean out all those unnecessary papers, old receipts, rubbish and all that Bric-à-brac you collect in the glove compartment. And give the interior a good old fashioned clean and polish. And if you’re really in the mood, treat your car to some new seat covers and floor mats. Come on, you have been meaning to patch up that hole in the driver’s seat anyway. Last but not least, clean the air filters and get your favorite air freshener so everything smells like new. Or coconut, or a meadow, whatever floats your boat. That’s some basic car care for you!

Make it shine on the outside

Once you are done with the inside, shower it with affection (literally) on the outside! Whether you choose to take it to a car wash or get the sponge in your hand yourself, go the extra mile and put on a coat of wax afterwards. Don’t skim over the details either, clean the chassis underneath and get those rims scrubbed, and those wheels and tires cleaned. Car care at its premium, right?

Give those rugged edges a “nip and tuck”

The longer you own a car the more it can become part of you. And pretty soon that means you begin to know its body as well as you know your own. Come on, we all have a couple of well-known spots on our cars where we have been meaning to get them fixed or treated. A bump here and a scrape there. Get yourself down to the repair shop and get them fixed. And yes, change those burnt-out bulbs.

Happy feet

How long have you been wanting to get some new tires or better still, some sweet new alloy wheels? If you have some spare cash floating around, then why not do one or both, right now? Not only will your car [secretly] thank you for a new set of tires, it will handle better and save you money on fuel. If you want to push the boat out though and get some new kicks, as in wheels, then you’ll definitely notice the difference in terms of appearance and street cred, as well as performance.

Pimp your sound system for extreme car care

Now we are really getting serious. Maybe you will have to wait until next year to do this one if you decide to go for the previous suggestion. But upgrading your “in car music experience” let’s say, is never a bad move. Let’s face it, one of the most enjoyable places to listen to your favorite music is on the road, drumming on the steering wheel. So why not get some slick new speakers and perhaps a satellite radio receiver. Then you can sing “Here I go again on my own” ‘til your heart’s content.

Take it easier behind the wheel

This is perhaps the most important aspect of the challenge to show your car some love. On a practical level in terms of car care saving you money and keeping depreciation to a minimum, I mean. Start by taking it easier on the gas pedal and the brakes. Use of excessive force on both will mean more problems for your car in the long run in terms of things to fix. In general, try to drive a little slower and safer, handle the clutch with love and car if you drive strick. Your vehicle, and your pocket, will love you for it.

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