The International Roadcheck 2020, is back on track

Get ready for CVSA International Roadcheck, 2020

The CVSA International Roadcheck 2020 that was to take place in May was rescheduled and is back on track. So, get prepared; September is your month. The International Roadcheck will take place on September 9 through 11.

Yes, indeed! And, according to CVSA, the International Roadcheck is a 72-hour high-volume, high-visibility inspection and enforcement initiative. Its reach goes as far as Canada, the US and Mexico.

Certified inspectors will be conducting commercial motor vehicle and driver inspections for compliance with federal regulations, identifying critical violations. And, if you’d care to know, the inspections will happen:

  • at weigh or inspection stations, at designated locations
  • as part of mobile patrols.

What is the International Roadcheck 2020 all about?

This year, the International Roadcheck will focus more on the driver requirements of a roadside inspection. That goes to say that, according to the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) data, approximately 3.36 million inspections conducted in 2019. Of these inspections, 952,938 driver violations were discovered. This is an important finding, especially since 199,722 of them were out-of-service conditions. With this in mind, clearly, fixing this problem is this year’s priority.

Subsequently, the International Roadcheck 2020 primarily involves the North American Standard Level I Inspection; a 37-step procedure with two main inspection categories:

  • driver operating requirements
  • vehicle mechanical fitness

Undoubtedly, more checks may be added, depending on the available resources and the weather conditions. However, as it is, here’s what you need to know:

Driver inspection

According to CVSA, for that part of the inspection, your friendly neighborhood inspector will, above all:

  • Collect and verify the driver’s documents
  • Identify the motor carrier
  • Examine the driver’s license
  • Check record of duty status
  • Review periodic inspection report(s)

Additionally, they may elect to check:

  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  • Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate
  • Driver’s daily vehicle inspection report

Incidentally, drivers will also be typically checked for:

  • seat belt usage
  • illness
  • fatigue
  • apparent alcohol or drug possession or impairment

So, stay on your feet and make sure you remain in good condition and alert.

Vehicle inspection

Secondarily, but equally importantly, inspectors will evaluate the status of commercial vehicles. Again, according to CVSA, the inspection will include:

  • brake systems
  • cargo securement
  • coupling devices
  • driveline/driveshaft components
  • driver’s seat (missing)
  • exhaust systems
  • frames
  • fuel systems
  • lighting devices
  • steering mechanisms
  • suspensions
  • tires
  • van and open-top trailer bodies
  • wheels
  • rims and hubs
  • windshield wipers

Most notably, there will be additional items for buses, motor-coaches, passenger vans or other passenger-carrying vehicles. For these types of vehicles, inspection will also include:

  • emergency exits
  • electrical cables and systems in engine and battery compartments
  • temporary and aisle seating

While we’ve tried to cover all the bases for you, you can learn more about the International Roadcheck 2020, here.

What non-compliance means

Needless to say; if you — or your vehicle — are in violation of one or more of these items, you may be in trouble. On one hand, if you’re in violation of any check items, you may be placed out of service. On the other hand, if the status of your vehicle is in violation, it may be rendered out of service; until all said violations are corrected, as required, that is.

So, be ready, be careful and stay safe out there! The International Roadcheck 2020 is almost at the door!

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