Using telematics to improve fleet safety, with Veturilo

Using telematics to improve fleet safety, with Veturilo

As we’ve mentioned several times in our blog, fleet safety is fundamental to your business. If you can’t ensure fleet safety, you won’t be able to guarantee fleet efficiency or quality of service. 

The pains of a fleet manager

1. Where are my vehicles?

Whether you own or manage a fleet, there are loads of safety issues that you will face. To start with, as a fleet manager or fleet owner you tend to always wonder where your vehicles are, at any given time. Are they on track? When did they reach their destination? Did they complete all scheduled trips or did they stop on the roadside for some reason?

Not to mention, what happens to a vehicle once a driver has parked it or if they have taken it with them at home for the evening?

A solution could be to, somehow, be in more frequent contact with your drivers. But, calling them or texting them several times, in order to get feedback, won’t cut it. Especially, if you consider the fact that they are probably driving most of the time; and you would be distracting them. There is a better way to get around this; more on this later.

2. Drive fast, get a speeding ticket even faster!

Another, very significant issue, is that since you’re not in the vehicle with the driver, you probably don’t know their driving behavior. There are many cases where fleet owners receive speeding tickets they knew nothing about. That is, as they were not informed by their drivers when the incident took place. Moreover, in more extreme cases, fleet vehicles have been occasionally towed, because of reckless driver behavior. Not to mention the possible accidents they might be causing when they drive the vehicles aggressively

3. Oops, it broke down.. again!

In our opinion, driver behavior plays one of the most important roles in fleet safety. That’s because, first of all, bad driving behavior puts their safety — as well as other drivers’ and passengers’ safety — at risk.

Secondly, if they drive recklessly, there’s a pretty good chance that mechanical-related problems might make their appearance. So, how do you get know about these problems as they happen? You won’t, unless your driver tells you about it. And if they don’t, then the malfunction might deteriorate. Which will most likely result in greater downtime and more service expenses when the time comes to pay the bill.

4. Does living in 2020 have its advantages?

Thankfully, these days, the rapid evolution of technology has made our lives — and jobs — much easier, on many levels. Fleet management is not an exception. Using an OBDII device and a telematics app on your phone or PC/laptop browser, you can solve many of the fleet safety problems stated above. We, at Veturilo, after closely researching and understanding vehicle management issues, have developed a comprehensive solution that makes the life of fleet managers and fleet owners greatly easier.

5. Locate my vehicles anytime, keeping track of their trips

Using Veturilo, you have access to vehicle location, any time of the day, through your phone or your computer. You can also get notified when a driver has started or ended a trip. That way, you won’t only keep an eye on what’s going on with your fleet in terms of safety; but, this will also help you schedule your trips much more accurately and efficiently.

6. I detest my vehicles being used as if in NASCAR 

A very useful feature available in Veturilo is information about how your vehicles are driven. So, iif your drivers decide to have an adrenaline rush through speeding or some other sort of dangerous driving, you will know about it instantly. Specifically, you can get details such as rapid acceleration, hard braking and sharp turns, as soon as they’ve happened. Moreover, you’ll receive notifications if any of your vehicles are being towed. 

7. I wnat to know about mechanical problems in time

The time- and money-saving features in our service don’t stop there, though. You can set up alerts, in order to get notified when there’s a mechanical or other type of change in your vehicles’ status. For example, if there is a problem with your engine, the OBDII device reads it and instantly sends you an alert about it. So, you won’t need to rely to your drivers to provide you with such critical information. Furthermore, you’ll get other very interesting data to help you with your business decisions; data such as battery voltage, coolant temperature and fuel levels. You’re always informed about everything, non-stop. 

Telematics for fleet safety with Veturilo?

We believe that Veturilo can prove very handy. Veturilo can contribute towards cutting expenses, ensuring fleet safety and optimizing fleet operations. Here’s a sneak peak of the features in Veturilo (mobile app):

1. A comprehensive list with all your fleet vehicles and drivers

A comprehensive list with all your fleet vehicles and drivers

2. The details of a particular trip; including speeding

The details of a particular trip; including speeding

3. Issues detected during a trip, in the trip details

Issues detected during a trip, in the trip details

If we piqued your curiosity, why not give our free demo version a shot? All you have to do is register for free, through our web app!

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