Veturilo: a vehicle diagnostic app and then some

Vehicle diagnostic app

Everybody has a different definition of value. Where Veturilo is concerned, our philosophy is to offer as much as possible – and find ways to offer even more as we go. This is why we advise you to use it as a vehicle diagnostic app, as well as for vehicle management and as a tracking device.

We know. Getting enough value out of the products you use is not an easy task. This is mainly because each and every one of us have needs that are so diverse in nature. But, we think we have the solution. We have listened to your problems and needs before starting to develop Veturilo. And we are always on the look out for quality feedback from you, our great customers.

So, how can we help you get more value out of Veturilo? Our proposal is to use it as a vehicle diagnostic app. Why? Let me explain.

Most of our early users have indicated that even having a small fleet of vehicles, it’s actually quite hard to keep it up to par. Maintenance is always difficult to keep track of. That’s why we’ve developed a way to help you keep track of any issue that arises in your fleet, by receiving relevant alerts and notifications. Part of this system is our Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts. Just as a vehicle diagnostic app might do.

Why is a vehicle diagnostic app so important?

It’s a stress relief factor really. Yes, that’s right! Instead of having you all stressed about any maintenance issues coming up in your fleet, you can rest easy that you’ll get an alert about any issue, ahead of time. In most cases, you may be able to avoid a major break-down. And we all know what that means. While a vehicle is in the repair shop, its driver has to stand down, doing nothing (unless an alternative vehicle is available). And that means work is not getting anywhere near done.

Now, let us be clear on this. Veturilo is not just a vehicle diagnostic app; it’s so much more. But, here are a few cases when having DTC alerts is actually a life-saver.

Before visiting your repair shop

If you’re managing a small fleet of cars, vans or facility trucks, you probably don’t keep a mechanic or two on the payroll. In that case, apart from a vehicle management app – even one including features of a vehicle diagnostic app – you also need to partner with an independent shop to maintain your vehicles. Especially if it’s a mixed fleet, which will require expertise for more than one type of vehicle. However, we can see at least a couple of problems in this picture.

Building trust

There are too many drivers complaining about poor garage service today in the US. The complaints vary from repairs being hastily done, to not being done at all, being over-charged. Or, worse still, repairs being done and charged even though they weren’t needed. Having an alert about what’s wrong coming directly at your phone and asking the right questions beforehand is an excellent way of building trust toward the repair shops you’ve partnered with. And while a vehicle diagnostic app is not what it is made for, Veturilo can actually help you do just that!

Having a specific DTC coming in with every malfunction puts you into the position where you’ll be able to properly negotiate repairs with the person in charge of the repair shop. Meaning, you will be able to agree to the actual parts in need of repair. That way, you will avoid any extra costs or even a false diagnosis.

Saving time and money

If you’ve ever found yourself stressing over a vehicle that has broken down right when you needed it, the DTC alerts is a feature to keep in your arsenal. Veturilo will dispatch a DTC alert for every possible issue the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can detect. Just like a vehicle diagnostic app that respects itself.

And if you’re wondering what that means, we’re here to tell you it means more time working, less time repairing. It means, you save all the time – and incurred costs – it takes to repair a vehicle from a major break-down, as well as the labor costs associated with a driver and a mechanic. Let alone the logistics involved in finding a temporary replacement vehicle and driver – usually a partner – for the time it takes to make all the required repairs.

There you go. Problems solved!

Keep an eye on your fleet and reduce maintenance costs

If it’s not really that obvious by now, Veturilo will help you prevent major break-downs by simply letting you know of minor malfunctions, the moment they happen. Just like with a vehicle diagnostic app, you will be aware of all malfunctions occurring in your fleet, dealing with them in good time. Thus, averting any major bottlenecks, even if your drivers have forgotten to tell you all about the issue. The repair shop will not go on with any unwarranted or falsely diagnosed repairs. That way, the time and money required to get your fleet back to ship-shape, will be optimal.

How do Diagnostic Trouble Code alerts work?

Most ECUs will keep a log of most occurring malfunctions or misfires to help diagnose problems with a vehicle. Keeping it simple, the log usually keeps a stack of codes in the order in which malfunctions happened. These codes can be analysed by your mechanic – or by any vehicle diagnostic app, for that matter – to indicate what the problem was.

There are several categories (or groupings) of problems the ECU records. These include:

  • Powertrain: Engine and Transmission related
  • Body: All things related with the vehicle’s body. It also includes the A/C and Airbags
  • Chassis: All things related with the vehicle’s chassis. It also includes the ABS
  • Network / Bus: Issues related to how different components are connected, as well as incorporated electronics and sensors

Throughout these categories, issues can be grouped into generic or vehicle specific and then classified as to the type of system they are referring to:

  • Fuel & Air metering
  • Fuel & Air metering (Injector circuit)
  • Ignition System or Misfire
  • Auxiliary Emission Controls
  • Vehicle Speed Control & Idle Control System
  • Computer Output Circuit
  • Transmission
  • Hybrid Propulsion

Each of these groupings get a digit to describe the related category. This way, we can narrow down the malfunction at a system level. Now, each system may suffer a series of different malfunctions. This is what the final couple of digits in the Diagnostic Trouble Codes are for. And that’s how your vehicle’s brain stores and remembers any or all issues that have come up throughout the vehicle’s life.

And…Veturilo does it!

Here’s where we come in (again). Veturilo reads this information from the ECU and will send you an alert. And this happens right at the moment any malfunction or misfire happens. The error code is also shown, which will help your in-house repair shop or partnering repair shop to determine the best course in conducting repairs. Here is an example of how malfunction indications appear in the app:

Veturilo: a vehicle diagnostic app and then some

In your trip details, you’ll be able to see if your ECU has identified any issues. In order to see more details, just tap on the right arrow. A complete list with all the issues for the specific car will be available. Although the code and description might not make perfect sense to you, it will sure do to your mechanic; so contact them as soon as you notice a fault.

All of this saves you time and money along the way. And don’t be fooled. Veturilo gives you everything you need from a vehicle tracking device, and more. In fact, it is, indeed, so much more than simply a vehicle diagnostic app.

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