Veturilo Web-based App is now available!

Veturilo Web-based App is now available!

We’re very excited to let you know that our service now comes complete with its own web-based app! This means that Veturilo is now accessible through any web browser from your PC or laptop .

Those who are familiar with our service, already know that we released our smartphone apps (for iOS and for Android) about a year ago. However, popular request led us to work on and release our new web-based app. And, since it leverages cross-platform compatibility, we believe that we’ve stepped up our service and improved its usability, by a lot. By the way, you should try it.

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Why we decided to build web-based app 

As it often happens with service platforms, popular request sometimes guides the development process. We decided to build this web-based app because you asked for it. And we might also have felt the need to give you, our users, a more practical way to access our service. 

Whether you’re a fleet manager, a fleet owner, or just the owner of a few vehicles used for transportation or delivery, you can do that by opening a tab on your computer browser. And if you’re just someone who wants to track their vehicles and wants to know what’s going on anytime, we dare say, it’s a great solution for you, too!

We understand that you may have a somewhat larger fleet than you could manage by yourselves. You might need someone to deal with routes, malfunctions, rush hours, delays, and all the small nuances of every-day workload. A web-based app would help you keep tabs of everything, right from your desktop screen. And, in case you’re at the office or at home and don’t want to be glued to your mobile phone or tablet all the time, our web-based app might come in very handy to you.

What you can do with Veturilo

Veturilo currently incorporates the most crucial features that will make a fleet manager’s or fleet owner’s life much easier. Apart from always knowing and being able to share the location of your vehicles, which is the most obvious kind of features, you can:

Review Vehicle diagnostics(DTCs)

Customized diagnostic alerts and notifications can help you understand and handle repairs on the majority of malfunctions. Not to mention, even a glimpse at what may be wrong with your vehicle, will keep you well prepared for your visit to the auto repair shop

Keep historical data through your trip log

As you drive, Veturilo reads and stores all driving events, for historical purposes. Each vehicle gets a trip log, chock full of detailed information, regarding events and incidents pertinent to the trips made. You’ll be able to retrieve all the information you need, even after the fact. You’ll be able to flag your trips as business or personal trips.

Keep tabs on the status of all vehicles

Just like the mobile apps, the Veturilo web-app sends real-time notifications concerning engine faults or other mechanical warnings. That way, you may prevent and/or handle unpleasant situations before they compound. The unexpected costs incurred to your business will be minimized; eliminated even! Web-based app or mobile apps, we’ve got you covered.

Improve driving behavior

How’s your driving? And, what if you’re not the one driving? Do you know how your drivers treat your vehicles? Now, you can keep a closer eye on your drivers’ on-road behavior. This will help ensure your vehicles are always in a good condition, achieving a longer shelf life. Also, how about preventing speeding tickets? Or, at least, holding drivers accountable for any tickets received? Give Veturilo a run for its money!

Need a deep dive?

If you want to do a deep dive into Veturilo’s features, have a look at our detailed technical specifications section.
We really believe Veturilo can change your life as a fleet manager or fleet owner. You’ll be so much better off, and everyone will be none the wiser. Why not try our web-based app for free? It will only take you a couple of minutes to register and view our demo.

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Still in doubt? You can always see how Veturilo works, in detail.

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