Fleet management for Delivery Fleets

Fleet management for your vehicles

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Delivering goods usually comes in waves of incoming orders. Last mile delivery gets the worst of it, delivering small orders through intricately planned routes. Having a small fleet of delivery vans ready to respond to customers in different areas is only one part of the job. Having enough fleet-power to accommodate customers in a timely manner is another. But how do you monitor all that for performance and efficiency? With Fleet management for Delivery Fleets, of course!

Increased orders may mean tight time schedules, long hours and a lot of hard work. It’s easy to lose track of small details. Especially if you’re involved with last mile delivery.

Here are some of the most common problems you may face:

Keep tabs on everything…

Making sure all orders were actually delivered in time.

Reporting a malfunction

Reporting a malfunction in time, to avoid high maintenance costs. 

Sharing exact location

Avoiding leaving a vehicle on-site or on-route, because of a break down without sharing its exact location.

Eco-friendly driving

Preventing reckless or non eco-friendly driving

Tracking miles

Tracking miles for deductible expenses

Detecting fuel theft etc

Detecting fuel theft or use of company vehicles for personal use

Whether you’re delivering food or goods out of a catalog, or if you’re just dispatching orders coming from your own e-shop for last mile delivery, you’re up against the same type of problems.

But, how do you solve them?

Fleet management for Delivery Fleets, with Veturilo

If your passenger or light duty fleet vehicles were manufactured after 1996 in the US (2001 in Europe), they’re equipped with an OBDII port.
You can put it to good use and let your vehicles do the monitoring work. And you can save a ton of work and money, especially if your fleet consists of Light Duty Vehicles to do last mile delivery.

You can use Veturilo to keep tabs on your fleet. Last mile delivery or not, you get instant location and status for each vehicle, at your disposal. As you use our service, historical data reports will help you make better and more effective business decisions.

You can also use Veturilo to get a good idea of how drivers drive their assigned vehicle. That way, you can help them improve their driving habits for performance and efficiency. And if you’re in the last mile delivery business, having drivers that are considerate of fragile cargo and its timely delivery to customers can make a great difference in keeping them happy.

All you need is an OBD II device we can provide, your smartphone and our free mobile app* for Veturilo. 
(*soon, available on desktop browsers)

Get Veturilo on an annual subscription

It covers the costs for your 4G LTE network to synchronize data between our platform and your device. You’ll get historical availability for coherent reporting. And you’ll be able to come up with recommendations that will help you make better business decisions.

Veturilo OBD II Device

Free Veturilo devices for all fleet vehicles with all annual subscriptions

Start as low as

(billed annually, $182.50 /vehicle, year)
30 Days money back stamp

Your money back if you return the devices within 30 days from purchase