Fleet management for your vehicles

Easily and affordably, anytime, anywhere!

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Is Veturilo fleet management for me?

Fleet management for a fleet of vehicles

Track your vehicles and know when your drivers travel in and out of fenced zones.

Fleet management for facility trucks

No more unexpected problems with your facility trucks. Get instant alerts and act in time.

Fleet management for limos and taxi services

Your limos or taxis monitored directly from your smartphone. Trace your motorcade and deliver quality service to your customers.

What can I do with Veturilo fleet management?

center_focus_strongCentralized fleet management for your entire fleet.

card_travelMonitor your trips and miles.

not_listed_locationTrack your vehicle’s latest location.

notification_importantGet notifications whenever there is a change in your vehicle’s status. Mechanical or otherwise.

track_changesSet up alerts and get notified when one occurs.

historyExport your travel log to send to your accountant for deductible expenses.

feedbackInstantly find out if your vehicle has been towed.

touch_appGet battery voltage, fuel levels and coolant temperature with a simple tap on your device.

shareShare a vehicle's location or save a screen shot of your dashboard to share with anyone.