Fleet tracking and fleet management for your vehicles

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Veturilo helps track and manage your fleet, nearly effortlessly, from your web browser

All you need is a subscription plan and our OBD II device.

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Who is Veturilo fleet tracking and fleet management for?

Veturilo is a fleet tracking and fleet management solution for passenger and light duty vehicles.
You can monitor your vehicles for performance and efficiency. Veturilo is so much more than a GPS tracker.

Fleet tracking & management for contractors

For a renovations contractor, plumber, painter, carpenter, builder, electrician, landscaper, tiler or maintenance professional. Track your fleet and know where each vehicle is and when. Keep tabs on its status and make sure everything is in perfect working order.

Fleet tracking & management for facility trucks

No more unexpected problems with your facility trucks. Get instant alerts and act in time. Minimize or eliminate vehicle downtime and lost man-hours. Make the most of new business, with little or no problems at all.

Fleet tracking & management for delivery fleets

In delivering food or goods out of a catalog, or if you’re just dispatching orders coming from your own e-shop for last mile delivery. Enable full transparency, always knowing where your delivery trucks are, what incidents may have happened and whether deliveries timely, keeping customers satisfied.

Fleet tracking & management for limos and taxi services

Your limos or taxis are monitored directly from your browser. Track your fleet and deliver quality service to your customers. That’s, whether you’re running a VIP transportation service, a business visitor transportation service, or any other such type of specialty service.

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What you can do with Veturilo fleet tracking and fleet management?


center_focus_strongEnjoy centralized fleet management for your entire fleet

feedbackInstantly find out if your vehicle has been towed.

card_travelMonitor your trips and miles with mileage tracking.

touch_appGet battery voltage, fuel levels and coolant with a simple click on your screen.

not_listed_locationTrack your fleet vehicle’s latest location and share it with a partner, customer or tow truck.

shareSave a screenshot of your dashboard to share with anyone.


report_problemGet notifications whenever there is a change in your vehicle’s status. Mechanical or otherwise.

track_changesSet up alerts and get notified when a problem occurs.

notification_importantReceive a device removal alert if someone removes it from your vehicle.

previewGet a snapshot of your fleet’s safety score, through the fleet safety scorecard.

drive_etaView which of your fleet drivers drive aggressively; manage and train them efficiently.

assessmentHelp prevent roadside accidents, with driving behavioral data.


historyExport a mileage report to send to your accountant for mileage deduction, as per IRS requirement.

savingsPrevent fuel fraud and fuel theft.

credit_card_offManage and minimize idling and fuel consumption.

analyticsMinimize break-down related vehicle downtime and lost man-hours.

circle_notificationsMinimize damage from malfunctions, with DTC alerts, reducing repair costs.

car_repairExtend vehicle lifespan and increase resale value.

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