How Veturilo Fleet Management works

Fleet management made easy and simple

What do I need?

All you need for efficient fleet management, is our app on your Android smartphone or your iPhone/iPad and an OBD II device installed on each of your fleet vehicles.

view_listHow your fleet vehicles’ data arrives on your phone

The OBD II device is a small device that collects data from your vehicle’s brain-box (ECU) and sends it to the cloud via a SIM card. Data — such as vehicle speed, fuel levels, temperature, RPM, battery level, trip distance, and much more — are sent to the cloud at regular intervals.

All you need to do is:


use our web-based app. No download required.

Alternatively, download the Veturilo fleet management app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


install the OBD II device (provided by us) to the OBD II port on each of your fleet vehicles.


register with our service and, for a more full experience, start using the web-based app, managing your fleet vehicles.

You may also use, the mobile app (reduced feature set).

What do I get from fleet management with Veturilo?

thumb_upEasy installation

It only takes a minute. All you have to do is connect the OBD II devices you received, to the OBD II port for each fleet vehicle. Then follow the instructions included, to synchronize it with the app.

filter_center_focusNo distractions

Get alerts and notifications only when unexpected events take place. You won’t miss any crucial event and at the same time you can access all of your trip-history data whenever you need it.

How can I really benefit from Veturilo Fleet Management?

Veturilo is like a co-driver for your entire fleet of vehicles.
It makes sure you and your drivers stay up-to-date with the status each and every vehicle is in.

track_changesLocation detection

Locate your parked vehicles and get notifications to help you act in time, in case any of them has been towed.

buildVehicle diagnostic data

Use diagnostic alerts and notifications to help you handle malfunction repairs.

historyTrip log

Use the trip log, with detailed info regarding events and incidents pertinent to your vehicles, and retrieve all the information you need about any business or personal trips.

Fleet Vehicle Status

Get notifications concerning engine faults or other mechanical warnings, so that you can prevent and handle unpleasant situations that may incur costs to your business.

Driving behavior

Keep an eye on your drivers’ on-road behavior. Ensure your fleet vehicles’ good condition. Help prevent speeding tickets or hold drivers responsible for ones received.


We use a multi-layered security algorithm to make sure your data is protected, even in transit from the device to the cloud and then back to your mobile phone.

Vehicle Usage

Improve fleet utilization with Vehicle Status metrics. Take control of your fleet and optimize vehicle health and usage, maximizing its shelf life and resale value.

speedAggressive Driving

Identify aggressive driving events, ranked by driver. Track each driver’s safety score, to leverage and improve fleet safety, avoiding unwarranted costs.

health_and_safetyFleet Safety

Track fleet safety. Improve fleet strategy, prevent downtime and upkeep company reputation. Identify and resolve issues pertinent to driving behavior.

taxi_alert Fleet maintenance

Set up maintenance tasks for proper care & maintenance. Get each one of your fleet vehicles serviced on time with maintenance reminders and ensure safety & compliance. Increase the lifespan & resale value of each vehicle.

I am not convinced yet

Take a look at the full fleet management feature list available with Veturilo.