The pros and cons of used fleet vehicles

Graham Wood 10/04//2019 Vehicle Management

Something old, something borrowed or something new? Where fleet management is concerned, the decision on whether to go with used fleet vehicles or buy new ones can be a tricky one.

Fleet driver retention: how to hire the good ones, and keep ‘em

Graham Wood 09/27/2019 Vehicle Management

Fleet driver retention can be a difficult challenge for any fleet manager to face, and that’s why we’ve got some great tips and advice for you.

Fuel fraud and other tricky topics for fleet managers

Graham Wood 09/20/2019 Vehicle Management

Fuel fraud is one of the most common issues a fleet manager will face. Your fleet drivers may be excellent professionals, but the temptation is always there.

Start your engines! Veturilo, fleet management for small to medium sized businesses, is here

Graham Wood 09/13/2019 News

Pride can make you feel on top of the world, or bring you crashing back down to earth. Today, for us, it’s the former, as we announce that our fleet management solution is now available.

Why you should never, ever ignore your engine light

Graham Wood 08/30/2019 Vehicle Management

Engine light; For ordinary motorists, it’s the moment that sends a shiver down the spine. For fleet managers, it can sometimes be seen, or ignored, as ‘business as usual’.

Summer tips for fleet managers

Graham Wood 08/16/2019 Vehicle Management

It's time for some fleet TLC. Let’s face it, vehicles need a vacation too, and that’s why we’ve come up with our top summer tips for fleet managers.

When to consider fleet vehicle replacement

Graham Wood 07/29/2019 Vehicle Management

While in life, it’s a pretty safe bet to follow the old proverb "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it", when it comes to fleet vehicle replacement, you shouldn’t wait until they’re broken.

Why you need a fuel mileage tracker for your fleet business

Graham Wood 07/19/2019 Vehicle Management

There are several reasons why you need a fuel mileage tracker for your fleet. Not the only feature you’ll want, but it’s one of the most important. For “cost savings”, of course.

Trip tracking: how to keep a closer eye on your fleet

Graham Wood 07/12/2019 Vehicle Management

As a fleet manager, where do you look if you need to know the fine details of a missed delivery, or an example of supreme efficiency? Your trip tracking solution of course.

Μanage your fleet schedule efficiently with a fleet management app

Graham Wood 07/05/2019 Vehicle Management

Step 1: fit all of the vehicles in your fleet with a fleet management device. Step 2: set up your fleet schedule and cruise control your way to a smooth-running business.

Get your vehicle’s engine warning notifications on your phone

Graham Wood 06/28/2019 Vehicle Management

You may know where your car or vehicle is, but what about that state of its engine? Good news! You can now get engine warning notifications on your phone.

Why fleet maintenance is really important for your business

Graham Wood 06/21/2019 Vehicle Management

If you are a fleet manager or a small business owner looking after your fleet of vehicles, one of your top priorities should be fleet maintenance.

A fleet tracking solution to boost your fleet manager soft skills

Graham Wood 06/14/2019 Vehicle Management

Hone the vital fleet manager soft skills that every fleet manager needs. Such as training, handling problems, motivating people, and so on.

How a fleet management app helps you keep your customers satisfied

Graham Wood 06/07/2019 Vehicle Management

Without happy customers, your business will struggle to survive. Keep your customers feeling jolly, using a fleet management app.

Everyday questions a fleet management app can answer

Graham Wood 05/31/2019 Vehicle Management

There are lots of questions a fleet management app can answer, as you make your way on the highway to efficiency and cost-saving.

A fleet manager’s best friend is... a vehicle monitoring device that gets personal

Graham Wood 05/24/2019 Vehicle Management

The vehicle monitoring device in question, offers a more personal touch than the standard solution for the fleet manager.

Veturilo: the smart way to track your vehicle and your fleet

Graham Wood 05/17/2019 Vehicle Management

If you’re in the fleet management business and are scouring the web for better ways to track your vehicle, then look no further.

How you can reduce fleet idling time with Veturilo

Graham Wood 05/10/2019 Driving Tips

They say the devil makes work for idle hands. We can say the same for idle fleets, in that if your fleet idling time is high then you will certainly end up paying the price in higher costs.

Easy fleet vehicle tracking with Veturilo - get ready to try our demo!

Graham Wood 04/26/2019 Vehicle Management

Looking for an easy but effective way to monitor your vehicles? Or wondering if you need a fleet vehicle tracking service but want some hands-on experience to decide.

Beat bad driving behavior with effective fleet vehicle tracking

Graham Wood 04/19/2019 Vehicle Management

As a fleet manager there are many things that keep you awake at night. So what you need is the best, or most effective, fleet vehicle tracking solution.

How to get the best out of your fleet tracking solution

Graham Wood 04/12/2019 Vehicle Management

As a fleet manager, your role is simple: to make its operations as efficient as possible. But how? Get the best out of your fleet tracking solution.

Veturilo: a vehicle diagnostic app and then some

Panagiotis Sarantopoulos 04/05/2019 Vehicle Management

Use Veturilo as a vehicle diagnostic app, as well as for fleet management and as a tracking device. Get more value!

A fleet tracking system for mileage deduction

Graham Wood 03/22/2019 Vehicle Management

Sorting out and validating business travel expenses can be complex, that’s why you need a fleet tracking system for mileage deduction.

Veturilo: all you need from a vehicle tracking device

Graham Wood 03/15/2019 Vehicle Management

If you’re looking for a straightforward vehicle tracking device but want to avoid yet another complicated app, then look no further.

6 ways a fleet management app helps your business

Graham Wood 03/08/2019 Vehicle Management

A fleet management app is a perfect tool to help you streamline and boost the efficiency of your operations as a business.

Cases you might need an app to share car location

Graham Wood 02/22/2019 Vehicle Management

Whether you are a truck driver or fleet manager, there are many reasons why having an app to share car location is important.

How diet and coffee consumption affect your driving ability

Graham Wood 02/15/2019 Driving Tips

Whether you’re a fleet driver or an everyday motorist, it’s easy to be blasé about the effects of diet and coffee consumption on driving ability.

Car care: 6 ways to show your car some love

Graham Wood 02/07/2019 Driving Tips

How much do you love your car? Whether it’s your pride and joy, or simply your means of getting from A to B, I’m sure the answer is “a lot!”. Well, since Valentines Day is coming, car care is the trick!

How to choose a new car battery

Graham Wood 01/31/2019 Driving Tips

You insert your key into the ignition and turn it. Nothing happens. Wait, something does happen, the battery light comes on.

5 ways to remove small dents from a car

Graham Wood 01/25/2019 Driving Tips

Bang, crash, wallop. Three sounds you never want to hear while driving, especially when your pride and joy is relatively new.

7 questions you need to ask when visiting an auto repair shop

Konstantina Ferentinou 01/23/2019 Driving Tips

A visit to the auto repair shop can often be an intimidating experience for most of us. Why? Because usually you are in a position where you know that the mechanics know [a lot] more than you.

8 tips for safer driving in winter conditions

Graham Wood 01/18/2019 Driving Tips

Winter is no longer coming. We’re right in the middle of it, so it’s a perfect time to refresh one’s memory about safer driving in winter.

Things to consider before you replace your vehicle’s tires

Konstantina Ferentinou 11/16/2018 Driving Tips

All things wear out. It’s a natural procedure after all. Your tires couldn’t be the exception. Holding your vehicle’s cargo and constantly being in contact with the surface of the road, tires wear out in time.

Connected cars and beyond - a glimpse into the future

Konstantina Ferentinou 11/15/2018 News

What does the future hold for connected cars? Will we ever see the flying vehicles of the future that we’ve all dreamed of in our lifetime?

How to cut down on fuel costs: on road tips - Part 2

Konstantina Ferentinou 11/01/2018 Driving Tips

Ah the open road. There’s nothing like it. The wind in your hair, radio tuned to your favorite station and that feeling of freedom. That is until you check how fast the fuel gauge is going down and then you start to stress about fuel costs.

How to cut down on fuel costs: off road tips - Part 1

Konstantina Ferentinou 11/01/2018 Driving Tips

Fuel costs. They only ever seem to go up, right? Unfortunately neither you or I can control that. It’s up to the oil oligarchs of far off lands.

In-car software and the app store ecosystem 2.0

Dimitris Tsingos 09/20/2018 News

Cars and tech. Tech and cars. Will it ever work? On the face of it, its a platform for a match made in heaven. In-car software...