Maintenance tasks and maintenance reminders are here!

We’ve been hurdling around to finally bring you some peace of mind in managing your maintenance tasks for your entire fleet of vehicles. As of today, you’ll be able to create maintenance tasks, set maintenance reminders and save yourself the headaches of having to remember reliably and timely manage all these batches of activities, on call.

As you may have noticed, this release is all about maintenance management! So, here’s what we’ve prepared for you:

Maintenance tasks scheduling

Each time a new vehicle is added to your fleet, you need to set it up for proper care and maintenance. We know that operating a fleet of more than a few vehicles makes it hard to keep track of and remember every little detail. Now, you can add long lists of maintenance tasks for periodically scheduled visits to the shop, based on mileage or specific timeframes, just as the manufacturer recommends. Get your vehicles serviced on time; change filters, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, or conduct an inspection for the road safety week or the brake safety week. In all sincerity, you can add any maintenance task you can think of. You’ll be able to keep your fleet safe and performing well, all the same!

And, if you need a glimpse at the list of upcoming maintenance tasks, you can do it in seconds. You can assign ready-made tasks or create custom tasks and apply them to specific vehicles. Got a new notification for the day? Just share it with your mechanic and get your vehicle in there for a quick in-and-out inspection or service, on time. Made an error? Just edit the task and save it, and you’ll be back on track. Unwarranted malfunctions and sudden breakdowns will be a thing of the past. No more stressful downtime and lost man hours! Stay on top of your costs and improve your bottom line, using maintenance tasks scheduling.

Maintenance reminders

Got a lot on your plate? In over your head with paperwork and managerial stuff to keep your fleet running? Are things breaking down all around you, with insufficient time and budget to keep tabs on everything? You don’t need to stress yourself out about this type of thing, any longer. Vehicle maintenance can be a piece of cake, with our brand new maintenance reminders. Just set your reminders for any — or all — maintenance tasks you deem important and, Veturilo, your personal vehicle management assistant will make sure to notify you at the email address you prefer, just in time for your next maintenance appointment, no questions asked. Your fleet will be in ship shape, in no time!

Sort your maintenance notifications out and search through them by type of maintenance task, by vehicle or by status, easy as pie! And you can modify them at any time, to accommodate any new needs that arise. Stay on top of your game, with reliable and robust fleet maintenance management and timely repairs. What else could you ask for? Well.. we’ve got a few things in mind and we’re already working on them. So, stay tuned for more time-saving, cost-reducing, life-changing features in Veturilo!

Here’s a list of all the improvements and new features we’ve added in this release:

Release Notes

In this new release, the user will have the ability to add maintenance tasks and reminders.


  • Add and update maintenance tasks like oil change, air filter change and tire replacement.
  • Add, update and set automatic reminders for maintenance tasks based on mileage and/or time.


We made a series of web application performance improvements and minor fixes

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