A fleet manager’s best friend is… a vehicle monitoring device that gets personal

Vehicle monitoring device

If a dog is a man’s best friend then a fleet manager’s best friend is a vehicle monitoring device.

Well, that’s perhaps the first step of “friendship”. The “best” part is that, just like a dog is always on hand for his master, the vehicle monitoring device in question offers a more personal touch than the standard solution for the fleet manager.

And that’s where Veturilo comes in. Why? Let’s just say it has some great features that help you as a fleet manager personalize your vehicle monitoring device and manage all of your vehicles much more efficiently.

A next-level vehicle monitoring device

In previous posts, we’ve covered how useful Veturilo can be in in getting the best out of your fleet, as well as reducing idling time and it’s effectiveness as a diagnostic app. So where are we going now? This post is about those practical, personal touches which will make your life as a fleet manager easier.

As we have mentioned, Veturilo is a vehicle monitoring device with a difference. You can use your phone to monitor and/or control everything that’s happening with all of your vehicles. At any time.

Here’s some useful scenarios which really bring home the personal touch.

Assign a driver to each one of your vehicles

When you set up your vehicle and your device, you can set a specific driver to a specific vehicle. This is great for small businesses who may have one driver assigned to one specific vehicle permanently. You just set it up and forget about it. But, it’s also really useful for when you need to switch drivers. That’s because you will be able to compare the effect another driver’s behavior has, on the vehicle in question.

View the whole list of vehicles

Whether you are using your vehicle monitoring device to check one or more vehicles, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can check whether your vehicles are on the road. Or whether they are parked (along with driver’s name). This gives you an instant overview of what’s happening with all of your vehicles, at any time.

Set up push notifications

You can select the situations for which you want to receive alerts. Some incidents might be crucial, some others may be easy to be managed by your drivers. Of course the information is available for you to find it. But you don’t want to be distracted, in some cases. Those related to driving behaviors, and other incidents such as removing OBD device, offer you peace of mind.

Here is a list of the push notifications you can select or deselect based on your own needs or preferences:

  • fast accelerations, sharp turns, hard braking, high RPM, fuel consumption, idling time, max speed
  • low battery
  • towing
  • Ignition on/off
  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) alerts

Save current view

Also, you can take screenshots (save button). This is useful when you want to see the current map view with additional information such as Driver Name, Vehicle, ID/name, Parked/Driving, Fuel, battery, last reading/signal timestamp. Screenshots are useful when you need to keep a record of your data. For example, you might need to show it to one of your drivers when he/she returns. Or you might need to send it to another partner.

See the whole the list of trips per period (for each one of your vehicles)

What good self respecting vehicle monitoring device would not give you a brief representation of your trip data available on your screen? Well, Veturilo does just that. Data can be grouped by categories: Last date, Last week, Last month. That’s along with key data, such as point of departure/starting point, destination, trip duration and whether it was business or personal trip. With such data you will also know how many trips were made, by whom and when. This is particularly useful for shifts when you need to schedule your drivers “days off” or hours of service per day.

Detailed data for each trip

There will be time when you want to examine each trip for a specific reason (routine tasks, in order to evaluate for example your driver, or when there was a specific complaint – or even worse an accident). Details such as driving behavior (fast accelerations, sharp turns, hard braking, high RPM, any issues, fuel consumption, idling time, max speed, route on map along with stops. Everything you need to know about your trips is there, as if you yourself were the driver.

How far is my car?

A simple but effective one. You can calculate the distance between your device and your mobile. Essential if you or one of your drivers has forgotten where they have parked. Or needs to know how far they are to calculate the time they can make a stop or delivery, etc.

Veturilo, a fleet manager’s best friend

Above are just a few of the more practical and personal touches which Veturilo offers, and which we think make it a fleet manager’s best friend. And that is the whole idea. To do your job better, you need a vehicle monitoring device or solution which offers you access to essential data. Not only that, but essential data that is at the heart of trying to improve efficiency for fleets.

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