How to get the best out of your fleet tracking solution

Get the best out of your fleet tracking solution

As a fleet manager, your role is simple: to make its operations as efficient as possible. But how? Well, your very first thought should be how to get the best out of your fleet tracking solution of choice.

Maybe you are already doing just that or think you are. Or maybe you aren’t and are looking for ways to improve. Undoubtedly the one thing that is important for your success is how you coordinate your drivers in general. Especially things like shift management, etc.

So let’s explore the basics of how you can optimize your fleet tracking solution and blow the efficiency levels off the charts.

A fleet tracking solution must meet your needs

First off, you need to have a fleet tracking solution that meets your needs. This sounds obvious but it may surprise you how many companies use solutions they don’t need and vice versa. Once you have your fleeting tracking solution, you can try out some simple ways to make the most of it. We’re biased but if you haven’t given it a go already, try us out at Veturilo.

For example, duties related to drivers and shifts. A fleet tracking solution helps you to monitor fleet vehicles from anywhere. And that means when you’re in the office, on the go, or also at home. At any given time, then, you are able to view multiple vehicles on your map. This means you can see the approximate current position and status. For example if its driving or parked.

Let’s look at some routine processes where you can optimize your efficiency as a fleet manager.


You can also organize your vehicles into groups in order to assign different drivers to each vehicle group based on your current timetable plan. This is a really useful one as soon as you have your scheduled shifts ready. It’s also super-useful for times like at the end of a short period – be it a week or a month – when you need to get your statistics. You can export all of your drivers’ routes and so you can keep a log to use it properly and/or for any reason you wish.

Diversions to efficiencyville

Efficiencyville. Population: you. That’s right, you can easily redirect vehicles to improve efficiency. For example, you see on your map that one of your facility trucks (if that’s the type of your business) is close to a specific location and you have just received a request from a customer nearby. You can choose to send that specific driver there. And what’s better for you, is also better for your drivers and more importantly, your customers as well.

How’s my driving?

You need to monitor your drivers behavior and make sure that at least their driving performance is appropriate. Whenever one your drivers acts in a dangerous way, for example. Some scenarios could be when there are sharp turns, sudden stops, fast . Or any other behavior that is the opposite of “safe driving”, for that matter.

To be able to monitor this is especially vital when these behaviors are extensively repeated. You can track it over time before taking it up with the driver in question, showing them the stats, etc. This will help the driver be more accountable for his/her driving ability and it will also help you keep your vehicles in good condition.


You can track your vehicles in case of towing and use that information properly. How? For example, when one of your vehicles is idle but there is an alteration on the angle of your car, then definitely there’s something wrong. The fleet tracking solution also helps you act on time in case of breakdown and share the location with roadside assistance, or other drivers in order to come to help and replace the vehicle.

Fleet managers rules

At the end of the day, when selecting a fleet tracking solution, you must always have yourself top of mind. And by that I mean that which makes your job as fleet manager easier. And what are those things?

Try these for size:

  • Choose a solution that is easy to install. This way you’ll mount all the devices on all of your different vehicle types.
  • You may just need an easy-to-use solution. i.e. a fleet tracking solution which is a less complicated application, based on your main needs. You don’t have to use a heavy, feature-packed app that has too many parameters that may be are complex and actually sometimes useless. This is especially true for small or medium-sized business.
  • And of course cost is a really important factor. As a fleet manager you definitely need to find ways to reduce costs and maximize your business profits. So go for a cost-efficient vehicle management solution.

If you want to know more ways in which a vehicle management app helps your business, find out here.

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