Veturilo Fleet Management Features

Keep an eye on your company’s fleet of vehicles from a distance

Get fleet vehicle data on your dashboard

Remotely and instantly know the exact spot, status and health state of each one of your fleet vehicles so that you can handle routine scenarios and unexpected events.


Real-time location of your fleet vehicles on map.

Location and engine on/off status is reported periodically – every 30 seconds*. Know the exact spot of your fleet vehicles, whether they’re travelling or are parked. Alerts are reported in real time. Save snapshots of their current status and share their location.


Status alerts and notifications for all of your fleet vehicles.

Get alerts and notifications for crucial and minor events related to your vehicle’s status such as battery power, fuel levels, temperature and more. Know when your drivers need to stop to fuel up or when they’re about to run out of battery and take action.


Vehicle health alerts

Get alerts for critical malfunctions concerning your fleet vehicles (DTC). Veturilo sends an alert whenever a dashboard indicator light turns on, in order for you or your mechanic to assess the problem. Also get towing and OBD removal alerts.

Driver behavior

Your drivers’ road behavior at your disposal

Get alerts concerning aggressive or reckless driving behaviors such as hard braking, fast accelerations and sharp turns. Also, about speed or RPM. Watch over your fleet drivers to make sure they drive safely.

Unexpected external events

Alerts related to unexpected external events

Act on time when a fleet vehicle is being towed or was involved in an accident while it was parked.

Trip log

Track your mileage, complete with log history
Use the Business trip indicator for deductible expenses
Get historical data per trip with Behavioral indicators and malfunction alerts. See your routes on the map.

health_and_safetyFleet safety scorecard

Get a glance at your dashboard with summarized insights from key indicative metrics about the safety level of your fleet. Improve your fleet strategy and help prevent downtime, upkeeping your company reputation. Identify and resolve issues with driving behavior. All you need is a quick look at the numbers on the fleet safety scorecard, every few days.

speedAggressive driving

Use the Aggressive Driving metric tile to glance at the number of speeding events, fast accelerations, sharp turns, high RPM and hard braking, ranked by driver. The number and type of events is used to calculate each driver’s safety score, allowing you to leverage and improve fleet safety and avoid unwarranted costs.

car_repairVehicle status

Improve fleet utilization with our newest addition in metric tiles. You’re now able to quickly glance at how your fleet is being used and reach your conclusions about how optimally this is done. Take control of your fleet and optimize vehicle health and usage, maximizing its lifespan.

taxi_alert Maintenance management

Keep your fleet safe and in pristine condition with maintenance tasks and maintenance reminders. Get your vehicles serviced on time and drastically reduce downtime and lost man hours, minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing your fleet’s resale value.