Fleet maintenance management software helps improve fleet operations

Fleet maintenance management software helps improve fleet operations

Managing a fleet requires continuous attention to a host of different issues. One of them is keeping fleet vehicles in optimal condition, minimizing downtime. In order for this to happen, an accurate vehicle maintenance schedule is needed; and here is where fleet maintenance management software plays a very important role. 

What’s in fleet maintenance management software?

To begin with, fleet maintenance management software can be found as an individual solution or as part of a more complete vehicle management platform. As we have mentioned quite a few times now, the best service or software doesn’t exist. Everything depends on your needs. For example, if you just need help with your fleet maintenance process, then you can pick a service — or piece of software — that does just that; but if you need more features, then a more comprehensive vehicle management platform would be more appropriate for you. 

The features in a fleet maintenance management solution vary among different vendors, but here some of the most common ones:

1. DTC alerts

Diagnostic Trouble Codes are sent when a vehicle’s inner diagnostic system identifies a problem with some part of the engine; or any part of the vehicle that features a sensor, really.

2. Mileage tracking

Mileage tracking and mileage reports can solve a few different problems. One of them is for maintenance management. Specifically, maintenance management software can keep track of the miles driven from the last time the vehicle was in for maintenance. 

3. Maintenance scheduling and logging

This feature is connected to the mileage tracking feature above. When it’s time for the next maintenance session for a vehicle, you will get notified accordingly. Also, in some cases, the software might receive enough data to be able to specify which parts of the vehicle need to be replaced; or need to receive extra attention when being checked. Some platforms might even help you keep a record of when each maintenance session occurred; as well as the type of the systems checked and maintained. 

Benefits of fleet maintenance management

The benefits of fleet maintenance management software are diverse. We’ve gathered a list of the most popular ones: 

1. Proper maintenance equals great performance

If the vehicles of a fleet are maintained properly, the chances of downtime due to a mechanical fault are minimal. As a result, there will be no more vehicle breakdown-related delays; and your vehicles will arrive at their destinations on time. 

2. Ensuring safety

A vehicle management and a maintenance management platform can make a big difference in keeping your fleet safe. When a vehicle comes in for maintenance, the shop usually checks the condition of its safety mechanisms. Such mechanisms include seat belts and airbags; and by ensuring that they function as expected, the driver and passengers will be well protected. Especially, in case of a roadside accident.  

3. Saving on maintenance and operational costs

Consistently keeping an eye on a vehicle’s mechanical status can help identify a mechanical problem early on; even if the vehicle doesn’t show any deficiency in its performance. That way, the fault can be fixed before it gets any worse and the vehicle suffers a breakdown. And we all know how breakdowns have a way of costing way more than a simple malfunction to fix.

Furthermore, a well maintained vehicle doesn’t use more fuel than necessary; nor does it use parts like its battery more than usual. So, you can preserve other vehicle parts in a good condition for a longer time. Thus, expanding the lifespan of the vehicle.

4. Increasing vehicle resale value

All things considered, if you believe the time has come for a vehicle to be replaced with a new one, vehicle maintenance software can help increase its resale value; considerably. Having a detailed maintenance log for the vehicle that includes every maintenance type and date conducted, will definitely help the potential buyer make their final decision. 

5. Making the fleet more environmentally friendly 

Global pollution rapidly increases, year by year. It’s extremely important for us to contribute towards minimizing the emissions our vehicles produce. Additionally, many countries — and States — have laws that reward fleet operators when they run ‘greener’ fleets.  When a vehicle is well maintained the emissions it produces are kept low. And that’s why employing fleet maintenance software brings an even greater value to your business and your bottom line. 

Try your hand in fleet maintenance management

Be it with DTC alerts, mileage reports or maintenance scheduling and logging, fleet maintenance management software is here to help. Fleets, the world over, can now run and maintain efficient and high-performing fleets. That goes to say, fleet companies can retain their viability, increase their growth and positively affect their bottom line. Proper maintenance and safety precautions, lower operating costs, eco-friendly operation, higher resale value are only the tip of the iceberg.

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