Looking for a car mileage tracker on the app store?

Looking for a car mileage tracker on the app store?

Are you spending an awful lot of time filling out log books or updating excel spread­sheets with your fleet’s mileage, every single day? Are you finding it hard to track and calculate your business’s mileage accurately, and consistently? Then, a good car mileage tracker system is what you need, here and now; and, you’ll find Veturilo, ripe for the picking, in the app store!

Read on to discover how Veturilo can help you stay on top of deductible mileage; and, while at it, increase your company’s bottom line, too.

Getting ahead of the game with a car mileage tracker

With a paperless fleet tracking system, like Veturilo, you can rest assured that you get detailed records of your trips and your business mileage. By the same token, Veturilo, not only takes manual work off your plate, but also provides data accuracy and tax compliance. Taking management matters further, it helps you reduce fleet costs, improve efficiency, and save precious time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Keep track of mileage, and improve your vehicle management with Veturilo

1. Track your business mileage and ensure IRS compliance, on the go

As a fleet manager, you know well that you have more important things to focus on than logging miles. Utilizing Veturilo’s trip log feature, you can automatically track your fleet’s business trips, including dates, locations, starting and closing mileage; and, of course, the total miles driven per vehicle, and trip. 

This means that you can unload your daily fleet administration workload; while receiving IRS compliant mileage reports on the go; that’s right, on the screen of your mobile device!

2. Monitor your fleet vehicles, in real-time

With Veturilo’s GPS tracking capabilities, you can easily monitor your entire fleet, in real-time. In this respect, you can keep an eye on your deductible mileage; and, on top of it, look for time-and-fuel efficient routes, too.

3. Enjoy data accuracy — no room for discrepancies with Veturilo!

With Veturilo, your vehicles’ mileage data gets updated in real-time, so that no “business mile” is lost; as your drivers keep on with their routes. This way, you ensure that there are no discrepancies when you file for tax returns and business mileage claims. Also, it’s important to note that Veturilo keeps your data secure, while protecting your data privacy. 

4. Save money for your fleet company

It’s obvious by now that a car mileage tracker, like Veturilo, streamlines the process of mileage tracking and logging; plus, it increases your bottom line from tax returns for business miles. What may not be so obvious though, is that using a vehicle mileage tracker can save money for your business in other ways, as well. 

As we’ve mentioned, you can utilize the data you collect from Veturilo, to optimize your fleet’s routes; therefore, cut down on fuel consumption, and even free up time to add more routes on the schedule. 

5. Make the most of the whole suite of features

Surely, tracking business mileage effectively for tax returns is a valuable feature for a car mileage tracker to provide; but you should also know that you can do more with Veturilo. Besides, a fleet manager always has a host of fleet-related matters to attend to; for instance:

  1. Monitor vehicle status and health: Get timely notifications on vehicle malfunctions, and save time and money on maintenance work.
  2. Handle unexpected events: Receive alerts and act immediately, when a vehicle is being towed or was involved in an accident.
  3. Keep drivers safe: Log driving behaviors, to improve fleet safety, optimize performance, and increase productivity.

A fleet company is an ecosystem, where everything and everyone is interconnected. As a fleet manager, you need to be able to connect the dots before you can prevent unpleasant situations, and find solutions. For example, when a vehicle’s mileage and fuel levels are off, it’s clearly a sign that something else is happening there, too; likewise, when a vehicle is in for maintenance before its time, etc. Whatever the case, a vehicle management system, like Veturilo, can help you shed light into the dark corners of your fleet.

Download the Veturilo app, today!

The two-in-one trip log and car mileage tracker feature in Veturilo, is designed to take the hassle and the potential for human error out of your mileage claims. Going beyond mileage, the platform also offers many different features —  with new features in store — to help streamline your fleet business.

At the end of the day, Veturilo is a value for money vehicle management tool; one that works wonders for any fleet operation you want to keep tabs on.
If this resonates with you, you can try Veturilo out before you proceed with your subscription. Download the Android or iOS mobile app or, better yet, register for a free account directly on our web-based app, and find out what this app can do for your business!

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