Get Veturilo Fleet Management

A Fleet Management Solution for Light Duty Vehicles

Fleet management in 3 easy steps


use our web-based app. No download required.

Alternatively, download the Veturilo vehicle management app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


install the OBD II device (provided by us) to the OBD II port on each of your fleet vehicles.


register with our service and, for a more full experience, start using the web-based app, managing your fleet vehicles.

You may also use, the mobile app (reduced feature set).

Better Fleet Management with Veturilo

Better Fleet Management with Veturilo

checkTrack Fleet Safety. Improve fleet strategy and prevent downtime, upkeeping company reputation. Identify and resolve issues with driving behavior.

checkIdentify Aggressive Driving events, ranked by driver. Track each driver’s safety score, to leverage and improve fleet safety and avoid unwarranted costs.

checkImprove fleet utilization with Vehicle Status. Take control of your fleet and optimize vehicle health and usage, maximizing its lifespan.

What you can do with Veturilo Fleet Management

checkTrack your entire fleet at the same time and know the current position of all your vehicles

checkCentralized management for your entire fleet

checkMark any trip as a business trip, for deductible expenses

checkTrack aggressive driving behavior and fleet safety status

checkMonitor your trips and miles & track your vehicles’ latest location

checkGet notifications of any changes in your vehicles’ status, mechanical or otherwise

checkGet battery voltage and fuel levels with a simple tap on your device

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Veturilo OBD II Device

Free Veturilo devices for all fleet vehicles with all annual subscriptions

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