6 ways a vehicle management app helps your business

A vehicle management app that helps business

This one is what is known in the business as a no-brainer. Yes, that’s right, a vehicle management app is a perfect tool to help you streamline and boost the efficiency of your operations as a business.

If you are running a fleet of cars, vans or trucks – or a mix of all three – then having the ability to track and monitor your vehicles from a mobile device is the best way to keep a close eye on costs, maintenance and driver behavior – among other things.

But before we get into the 6 magic ways that a vehicle management app helps your business, let’s start with some general basics for the uninitiated among you.

What is a vehicle management app?

An easy one to start with. A vehicle management app helps you keep tabs on your fleet from your cell phone, or any other mobile device. All you need to do is place a small device on your vehicle, which usually contains a sim card and GPS tracker, and download the respective app on your smartphone. Right away you are able to see your vehicle’s status, location and other related important data from wherever you are.

For a fleet manager or fleet owner, a vehicle management app basically gives you and your personnel (your drivers), a list of great functionalities and options that help you work better. And by better I mean more efficiently and cost-effectively. Above all, it offers great freedom and an ideal way of dealing with little problems before they turn into big issues. For your fleet drivers, who are on the road all day, they also benefit from keeping up to date with important issues from HQ and beyond.

The 6 key ways it helps your business

As you can see, in general terms a vehicle management app is more than a useful tool to use for a business which runs several vehicles or more. More specifically, however, these are the key benefits we have picked out:

Always on time

Time management is a crucial issue where fleets are concerned. A vehicle management app saves time not only for drivers or mechanics, but also for fleet managers and admin staff. Since you are able to see from your smartphone the location of each of your vehicles and share it/send it to anyone, you can plan routes more efficiently, receive traffic updates, and predict more accurately the time of departure and arrival. The result? Vastly improve your overall performance, as well as avoid unexpected situations and protect your business.

Focus on fuel

With a vehicle management app you are always able to know when one of your vehicles is running out of fuel. And of course we know how useful this one is. What’s that? You don’t know. OK, let me break it down for you. Knowing in real time how much fuel you have at any given time for each of your vehicles means you can reduce costs. How? By combining the data with your route planning so it can be more fuel-efficient. This means you will optimize consumption, as well as any excessive idle time. Not only that, but since fleet managers can see where each vehicle is at any given time, they also know where the nearest gas stations are so your drivers do not waste fuel making detours or being caught up in traffic jams.

Alerts for….everything to keep your drivers on track and vehicles safe

In many cases you will have set routes and areas your vehicles can travel in; sometimes not. With a vehicle management app, you can get instantly notified when when one of your vehicles has had a break-down. There could be many reasons for this. From drivers getting lost, to a vehicle that was left where it broke down, with little or no hope of retrieving it fast. And if repairs take longer than needed, this means you’re missing out on a good day’s work for no reason.

What’s more, alerts and notifications when there’s a breakdown can help you be proactive and avoid a potentially dissatisfied customer. A log of alerts and notifications related to malfunctions and all of your diagnostic alerts is also extremely useful. You have everything there ready before you even visit a repair shop, for example. This makes the maintenance of your vehicles – and their safety – easier to handle.

Improve vehicle shelf life

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. Yes, I’m saying it three times because it’s the key to a long, healthy life for vehicles. In much the same way as it is for humans! By using a vehicle management app, you will be able to reduce costs relating to car or truck maintenance. Its a matter of data. You can notify drivers of mileage indicators, as well as other performance indicators to make sure that your vehicles are properly taken care of.

Such close monitoring means you are more likely to come across any vehicle issues before it becomes a big problem. Some vehicle management app systems provide notifications based on calendar time, mileage or other chosen criteria, so you can choose how to monitor the health of your vehicles.

Happy Drivers

Your drivers are your most important asset as a fleet manager. A vehicle management app can work to make them happy. How? Just like with any other professional, your employees are likely to have plenty on their minds, as well as a lot on their plates. A vehicle management app can enhance their everyday experience and thus increasing their efficiency. Moreover, a successful implementation can help optimize drivers’ work by reducing manual work and boosting safety levels.

Happier Customers!

Last but by no means least, your vehicle management app behind the scenes means that a key end result for your business at the front facing part is satisfied customers. There’s nothing better for them than receiving their goods safely and on time (or ahead of time) due to your increased efficiency. You will benefit from higher overall customer satisfaction levels. That means you will retain more customers than you will lose if you didn’t have a system in place.

Get tracking

There you go. A vehicle management app can only do positive things for your business. It’s always good to be able to track your vehicles closely at any given time. It makes your productivity levels soar. At the same time, it will save you money and boost your revenue.

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