New and updated Free plan in Veturilo

We rolled out a new release. And, do we have some great news for you! You asked, we listened! And we’ve got a new and updated Free plan. As of today, you’ll have the ability to test-drive the feature set of the Veturilo Fleet Management service, complete with sample data, with a simple free registration. It’s even simpler if you already have a free account. Just go on and login to a whole new world of Veturilo deliciousness!

New and updated Free plan

Now, with a new or existing free account, you can enjoy a new dashboard, with important insights into your fleet of vehicles; insights such as vehicle status, fleet safety with drivers ranked by score and aggressive driving stats, to help you determine what kind of additional training your crew may need.

With our demo data, you can try out a much fuller experience, adding virtual OBD II devices to your cache, assigning them to vehicles and then assigning vehicles to drivers, along with any identifiers for the vehicle and contact details for the driver. Just like you would with our premium service. Not to mention, you can take a look at your trip log reports, per vehicle, and even send an exported file to any email address you need. This will save you and your accountant loads of work when it’s the time of year for your taxes and deductible expenses. All you need to do is select the date range you want to export.

Go premium

If you’re ready to use Veturilo for real, just go premium from the account tab, in just a few clicks! We’ll send you your OBD II devices for free, with an annual subscription. Your fleet will thank you for it!

Go premium

Still unsure?

Still need to get a glance at our premium service? You can take our word for it, it’s the same experience but, if need be, you can take the tour and find out for yourself. It’s less interactive, but you can still preview the experience. And if that’s still not enough for you, we’d be happy to discuss your needs.

We’ve really made an effort to implement all of your suggestions into making Veturilo an even easier-to-use product, offering you a richer experience. That is, of course, all but the end of it! We’re scrabbling to bring you even more valuable features in the next few weeks. So, stay tuned!

Enough said, though! Why don’t we have a look at a summary of what you can find in our new and updated Free plan, in Veturilo?

What’s included


  • Overview of the fleet vehicle status, whether driving, parked, or inactive
  • Fleet safety scorecard. Drivers are ranked by score. The higher the score the safer your driver is driving
  • Aggressive Driving statistics, informing the user of the best and worse drivers


  • Current vehicle status, including fuel levels, battery, temperature and check engine light status
  • Driving behavior and engine alerts
  • Trips with routes, driving stats and trip replay
  • Manage your vehicles and set vehicle alerts


  • Generate a trip log report for one or more vehicles, and email it to yourself or your accountant

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