Get your vehicle’s engine warning notifications on your phone

Get your vehicle’s engine warning notifications on your phone

You may (or may not) know where your car or vehicle is at any given time, but what about that state of its engine? Well, good news, you can now get engine warning notifications on your phone.

That’s right, just like location tracking where you can check where your car or vehicle is, you can also get a heads up on the status of its ‘vital organs’. In other words, its engine.

Because as we all know only too well, a vehicle’s engine, must like your own vital organs, can often operate continuously without us having an idea of any issues going on. Until an unsavory ‘incident’ occurs and there’s a breakdown. Or worse still, a shutdown.

This can be avoided though. How? Because you can check if there is an issue (engine warning) related to your vehicle’s ECM – the Engine Control Module – from wherever you are just by using your phone.

Engine warning notifications with Veturilo

Now that’s convenience for you, right? Well, it’s actually more than that. It’s a proactive way of maintaining your vehicle. And this is exactly what Veturilo, our vehicle tracking device does, among other things of course.

Why are engine warning notifications important?

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but just in case you were wondering, the answer to the above question is simple. So you are aware of possible issues/errors that could lead to bigger problems with your vehicle. Let’s face it, we’re not all mechanics or experts, but we all want to have as much information as possible at our disposal. Why? So that we can schedule things and find solutions as soon as possible when there is a problem.

It’s all part of showing your car or vehicle some love. There are a lot of things that we need to take care of and our vehicles or one of them, be it our personal one or one from a professional fleet. And, being able to monitor its internal functionality i.e. issues related to the engine control system like emissions and performance can save us a lot of trouble down the line. Not to mention the cost-savings!

So what do you get?

Where does each error come from? With Veturilo you can decode the alerts you get and in this way be prepared to handle each and every potential repair requirement before you take your vehicle to the repair shop. Even if you’re not an expert, you can map these alerts with the respective engine control units and know exactly which part of engine has the problem. Is it the transmission, the power-train or something else?

Which parts of your engine can you get engine warning notifications for? Well, with our OBD (on-board diagnostics) device that you’ll easily mount on your vehicle as soon as you get it (we send you one with your subscription – learn more here – you’ll be able to get engine warning notifications on your phone. These alerts cover your vehicle’s fuel system, ignition system, vehicle speed control, network, transmission and electronics.

Cases when you’ll get engine warning notifications

You’ll get engine warning notifications for most of the mechanical problems – generic or specific ones – and recognize quickly what the fault description is regarding. Here’s a list of the main issues it will cover:

  • Fuel, battery and air levels – i.e. if you’re running low on any of them
  • Know whether your ODB has been removed for any reason
  • Powertrain (Engine & Transmission)
  • A/C & airbags – so you know if everything is alright with your vehicles key features for safety and in-car climate
  • Chassis with the ABS system
  • Network /Bus
  • Ignition System (whether it’s on or off)
  • Auxiliary Emission Controls
  • Vehicle Speed Control & Idle Control System
  • Computer Output Circuit
  • Transmission
  • Hybrid propulsion

We’re sure you’ll agree this is quite a comprehensive list, and with engine warning notifications coming direct to your phone, you will be much better informed about how your vehicle is operating and the state of the engine and related parts.

Go forth and be in the know

As you can see, getting a vehicle’s engine warning notifications on your phone – or tablet or other device – is a pretty great way of staying on top of the maintenance of your pride and joy. Or your professional fleet, which is also your pride and joy if you’re a fleet manager. You will know more answers to more questions for a start.

You can learn much more about other kinds of notifications and diagnostics that you get with Veturilo here. So check it out and see how your can take better care of your vehicle or fleet today.

Knowledge is definitely power in this case. So go forth and be in the know.

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