Outsourcing and decentralizing fleet maintenance services

Outsourcing and decentralizing fleet maintenance services

There is no doubt that fleet maintenance is vital for the smooth operation of a fleet; that’s why many fleet companies invest in in-house maintenance facilities. However, not all fleet companies can bear the operating costs of insourcing fleet maintenance. To that end, outsourcing fleet maintenance services — or decentralizing them — can take the weight off a fleet manager’s shoulders; especially if they’re managing a small-medium sized fleet business. 

6 Advantages of decentralizing fleet maintenance services

Taking a fleet vehicle that needs repairs — or routine maintenance — off the streets, can be a headache for a fleet manager. Nevertheless, it’s an integral part of keeping a fleet healthy; and, since every minute counts, the sooner drivers and vehicles are back on the road — hook, line and sinker — the better. 

Outsourcing fleet maintenance services to a specialized auto repair shop can prove to be the optimal solution for maintenance or repair work. With this in mind, let’s look into a few perks of decentralizing fleet maintenance services, shall we?

1. Maximized vehicle uptime

As a fleet manager, you know that when a vehicle gets sidelined, the costs from interrupted operations can quickly add up. The key to maximizing uptime is being proactive. How? Simply by scheduling maintenance after your fleet business’s operating hours; in which case, outsourcing and decentralizing fleet maintenance services seem to be the optimal choice.

To explain, auto repair shops often work around the clock, and this will certainly come in handy for your fleet business; given that your vehicles are not in use late in the afternoon and during the night — or even during weekends.

2. Value for money services

One of the biggest benefits of decentralizing fleet maintenance services is that you get upscaled services within your contract plan. In other words, you can make the most of experienced mechanics and specialized automotive technicians, at a relatively low cost. 

We’re talking about a pool of skilled professionals, trained according to the latest specs; and ready to fix a wide array of mechanical or equipment-related issues. Not to mention the expert advice and insights you can get regarding vehicle care. 

3. Access to resources

When outsourcing fleet maintenance services, you automatically have access to valuable resources; including the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment, as well as the industry’s best practices. Any reputable contract maintenance provider invests in both the resources and technology to stay at the top of their game; to gain a competitive edge, and offer quality repair and maintenance services. 

4. Discounts on parts and equipment

Since outsourced maintenance contractors work on a larger scale, they can get significant discounts on various vehicle parts and equipment. Consequently, they can make a discount to their customers — which is great news for your small/medium fleet business. Put differently, you’re getting vehicle parts and gear at a price that’s usually better than you could negotiate yourself.

5. Greater flexibility

Flexibility is key when it comes to optimizing fleet operations; all the more so, when it’s peak season or undertaking a demanding project. In cases such as these, vehicle downtime could put your business at stake. That’s when you can turn to a trusted maintenance services partner for immediate, customizable solutions; in order to streamline your fleet and put your mind at ease.  

6. More time to focus on business growth

Finally, outsourcing fleet maintenance services will allow you to focus on other significant areas of your fleet business. These may be, for instance, customer development, customer service, marketing, or fleet safety; any aspect of your business that needs attention and opens a window on scaling up your business and increasing your bottom line. 

Proactive vehicle maintenance with the help of vehicle management software

Οutsourcing and decentralizing fleet maintenance services or keeping them internally is a hard decision to make; and certainly one that requires a lot of research and consideration. Despite your decision, you always have the option to take vehicle maintenance up a notch, with a vehicle management system

The truth is that Telematics and vehicle management software can help you monitor fleet maintenance in a proactive manner. For one, you can easily analyze your fleet’s data, and take immediate actions to reduce urgent — and unscheduled — repairs and prevent downtime. To elaborate, by setting automated alerts and tracking data on vehicle status, you’ll be reminded when preventative maintenance is coming due. What’s more, you can keep tabs on driving behavior, mileage, fuel usage, and vehicle diagnostics; so you can make sure that every vehicle is operated properly.

Outsourcing fleet maintenance services — or decentralizing them?

As a fleet manager, it’s important to maintain your fleet vehicles in peak condition, at all times; hence, fleet care and proper maintenance is a top priority. In light of this fact, many fleet managers opt for an internal maintenance department. Yet, each fleet business is different; and, for some, outsourcing fleet maintenance services may be the most advantageous option. 
That is to say, when deciding on decentralizing fleet maintenance services, you should consider your business needs and goals, first. At any rate, you can call on Telematics technology and vehicle management software to keep fleet maintenance needs in check; regardless of contracting out to a fix-it shop or installing an in-house garage.

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